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The decision to make Shanmukh homeless due to health reasons

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‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’ is entertaining the audience a lot and its popularity is increasing. The show is consistently garnering good TRP ratings. With back-to-back tasks, mind games, and catfights, the show is providing a lot of drama to the viewers. As the contestants move forward with the game, it seems that they are forming a group with a game plan in mind. Siri, Shanmukh, Sunny were called the trio of seasons. Because of their being together and playing the game together, they were also known as the ‘Brahma-Vishnu-Maheshwar’ trio.

Jaswant aka Jesse is out of the game now, his ill health condition is being treated in a secret room. After Jesse’s sudden exit from the house, a big drama ensues with Siri and Shannu crying. Later, the pair Siri and Shannu get busy with their game, which is quite normal. But, in Saturday’s episode, both did not bother to know about the current health condition of their so-called friend. This is how it has been revealed that they were building their relationship with Jesse in every way possible.

Siri’s online fan wrote, “I expected Siri or Shannu to inquire about Jesse’s health status and whereabouts. They seem to be the least disturbed, which shocked me.” While Shannu’s supporters are unable to defend him for being insensitive, they leave this argument online.

Shanmukh’s fan took to his Twitter to express, “I agree Shanmukh is being insensitive about Jesse. It’s not fair that they give the impression that they care about people when they really do. Don’t. Quite upset by his behavior. At least he could have asked Nag sir about Jesse’s health status. No fans anymore.”

At the same time, the makers have decided to send Jesse out and make him homeless due to ill health. According to sources, Kajal and Manas have escaped homelessness this week. are going to be out.


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