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Bigg Boss 8 Telugu Vote Today Live Poll & Result


Bigg Boss 8 Telugu Vote Result is now being displayed on our website Bigg Boss Telugu Vote & Result. Bigg Boss Telugu Season 8 Voting Results and Voting Poll is now live. Now the fans can vote for their favourite contestant and save them from getting eliminated from the show.

Each week few of the contestants get nominated for elimination from the Bigg Boss Telugu House. After which the voting process begins. The fans of the contestants are asked to vote for the contestants and the contestant with the least amount of votes gets eliminated from the Show.

The audience can vote for their favourite contestant by either giving a missed call or voting from the Hotstar app. Every Monday the voting process is concluded and the results are announced.

In this complete article, we will give you a public poll as well as guide you through the voting process of Bigg Boss Telugu so that you can vote and save your favourite contestant of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 8 by voting in the nomination poll given by Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss 8 Telugu Vote

Please wait 3 seconds while the poll is loading…

Here you will get a regular weekly Bigg Boss Telugu Nomination list and voting poll. Each week this section is updated according to the Nomination round of Bigg Boss Telugu. The visitors can use this public poll to predict what is going to happen in the final official result.

To add your vote to this public poll, simply tap on the contestant’s picture that you want to add your vote. It will then send you to the voting poll. There you have to select your contestant’s name again and click on the ‘Submit’ button. Now your vote will be registered on our website and you will also be able to see the overall results live.

Please note that the voting poll you see on this website is not the official one. We have also covered each and every step of how you can add your vote in the official voting poll of Bigg Boss Telugu. Please continue reading the article for complete details on Bigg Boss 8 Telugu Vote.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Result

Above is the Voting poll result of this week of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 8. Make sure to share with website with your friends and family so that they also can participate in the Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Poll This Week.

Bigg Boss Telugu 8 Winner Prediction Poll

This is a season-wide Winner Prediction Poll where the visitors can vote for their all-time favourite contestant of the Bigg Boss Telugu 8 and also check which contestant other viewers are supporting. This is a one-time poll that runs the entire season and is a great way to know the most fan-favourite contestant on the show.

Simply click on the name of your favourite contestant who you want to see become the winner of the season and click on the ‘submit’ button. As soon as you submit the vote, you will be able to see the live voting poll results for this audience poll. It’s highly likely that the contestant with the maximum number of votes will win the season as we have seen it happening in the past.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 8 Weekly Nomination List

Here we present to you the Bigg Boss Telugu 8 nomination list that we keep updating every week as the show progresses. Here you will find details of each week how many contestants were nominated, who was nominated and who was the contestant that was eliminated. All the Details about the nomination will be updated to you here every week so that the visitors can come back and check the history of the show if they want to for any case.

Bigg Boss Telugu 8 Voting

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Season 8

Welcome to the Website. This website is created for all the viewers of Bigg Boss. On this website, we aim to provide our readers with the latest Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Poll Updates, Results, Nomination & Elimination Updates.

On this website, you will find the public poll as well as the complete guide to add your vote in the official voting process of Bigg Boss Telugu. The process of official voting can be found below. This poll is just for knowing public opinion.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 was a huge success for Star Maa Bigg Boss and EndemolShine India. Thus, they are back with another season of Bigg Boss Telugu in 2022. The previous season 6 was hosted by none other than Akkineni Nagarjuna and the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 6 was the crowd favourite – Revanth.

You can vote in the Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Poll here. Bigg Boss Telugu 8 contestants will be displayed here shortly as we confirm all the contestants. In the previous voting poll result of Bigg Boss Season, we saw that Sunny had the maximum amount of votes thus he was declared the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 5. This is why the participation of the Bigg Boss Telugu audience in the voting process is really important for all the contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu. If the contestant is not loved by the audience, chances are less that he/she would even survive in the Bigg Boss Telugu house.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 8

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Vote
Bigg Boss Telugu Season 8
ShowBigg Boss Telugu (Season 8)
Premiere3 September 2023
HostAkkineni Nagarjuna
ContestantsClick Here
ChannelStar Maa
Timing9.30 PM on Weekdays and 9 PM on Weekends
GenreReality TV Show
Prize Money50 Lakh INR

If you want to make your favourite contestant the winner of Bigg Boss, then you must show your active participation in the Bigg Boss Voting polls. You must also urge your other friends and family to vote for your favourite contestant of Bigg Boss Telugu 8.

There are also elimination polls of Bigg Boss Telugu. If a contestant is nominated for the elimination in a particular week, then they will surely get eliminated from the house if he gets fewer votes as compared to other nominated contestants of that particular week. So make sure you vote for the contestant you love to save them from getting eliminated.

Also, Visit: Bigg Boss Tamil Vote

Bigg Boss Telugu 8 Contestants

DaminiPlayback Singer
YawarModel, Actor, Influencer
SubhashreeActor, Influencer, Lawyer
ShakeelaActor, Politician
SandeepDance Choreographer
TejaActor, Comedian
RathikaActress, Influencer
GouthamDoctor, Actor
PrashanthFarmer, YouTuber

The Bigg Boss Telugu Season 8 started with 18 Contestants. As the show progresses, we will see contestants getting eliminated from the show week by week. Here we tried to present you the list of all the contestants that participated this season so that you can recall the names of all the contestants when you need to. You can save this website URL so that whenever you need to know anything about Bigg Boss Telugu such as voting poll results, contestants’ names or anything – You can just come to our website and get all the information you want.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 8 Latest Updates

Bigg Boss Telugu 8 Voting Poll Results

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu was a great season and it was the fifth season of Bigg Boss Telugu. The first-ever season of Bigg Boss Telugu was hosted by superstar Jr. NTR. The winner of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1 was Siva Balaji.

If we recall, season 1 lasted for a whole 70 days with 16 contestants involved. The show was amazing and the audience loved it as well. Let me tell you that Aadarsh Balakrishna was the runner-up for this season. That means Aadarsh got fewer votes as compared to Siva Balaji in the grand finale winner voting poll.

Season 2 of Bigg Boss Telugu was also a major hit. The Bigg Boss Telugu 2 premiered on June 10, 2018. This time, Bigg Boss 2 was hosted by Nani. The Bigg Boss Telugu 2 lasted a very long for about 112 days. This is known to be one of the longest reality TV shows in India. The winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 was Kaushal Manda and the runner-up was Geetha Madhuri. This means that Geetha got fewer votes as compared to Kaushal in the final week of voting. The Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 involved a total of 18 contestants throughout this season.

Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Process

Want to know how to participate in the Bigg Boss Telugu Voting process? Here’s the complete tutorial on how you can cast your vote in the Bigg Boss Telugu nomination poll this week. These are all the official methods of voting in Bigg Boss.

Here we have mentioned all the official ways of voting that have been used by Bigg Boss till now. Out of all the methods of voting, only one voting method will be used as the official mode of voting in Bigg Boss Telugu. Mostly we see the Hostar method is used in official Bigg Boss Telugu Voting. But still, we are providing you with all the other methods of voting so that the users can also have all the knowledge about voting in Bigg Boss Telugu.

Directly Jump to Bigg Boss Telugu Hotstar Voting Method.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 8 Vote Online

This method of Voting was used in Bigg Boss Telugu before Season 4. In this method, the audience could make use of Google to add their votes in the weekly voting polls of Bigg Boss Telugu. Although we don’t see this method being used by Bigg Boss Telugu these days, you can still read about the process if you want to.

Bigg Boss Voting Through Google
  1. Go to
  2. and then search for Bigg boss Telugu vote
  3. now select your favourite contestant from the list
  4. and then submit your vote

After doing this, your vote will be counted for the final result.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote on Hotstar

The audience can vote for their favourite contestant of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 8 using the Hotstar App. The Hotstar app can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices. If you have not yet downloaded the app, please download the app on your device before proceeding with the voting procedure. Once you have downloaded the Hotstar app – you can come back to this website and continue learning the voting procedure on the Hotstar app.

Following is the complete easy-to-follow method to vote for your favourite contestant using the Hotstar app. Once you have the Hotstar app, you can continue to vote with the process that is mentioned below.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Season 6
Open the Hotstar App
Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Season 6
Go to Bigg Boss Telugu Page
Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Season 6
Select Your Contestant
Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Season 6
Click on ‘Done’
  • Step 1- Visit the Hotstar website or download the app on your smartphone
  • Step 3 – login into your Hotstar account
  • Step 3 – Click on the Bigg Boss Telugu banner on the home screen of the app.
  • Step 4 – Now click on the vote button which is displayed.
  • Step 5 – Choose your contestant and cast your vote, Done!

That’s how easily you can participate and add your vote in the Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Poll. Each user gets to add only 1 vote to any one of the nominated contestants and cannot vote twice. So if you want to have the highest chances of saving your favourite contestant from getting eliminated, you can ask your family/friends to follow this process and participate in the Voting.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 8 Missed Call Voting

Bigg Boss Missed Call Voting

This is also one voting method that can be used in Bigg Boss Telugu this season. It is a simple method to vote. You don’t need to download any app or have an internet connection in order to follow this method. All you need to do is simply dial the specific number that is assigned to your favourite contestant during the elimination round. Simply give a missed call to vote for your favourite contestant. The process is mentioned below in detail in case you want to read it.

  1. Note down the missed call number of your favourite contestant of Bigg Boss Telugu. (We will update the numbers here when confirmed)
  2. Now dial the number on your phone. (any phone)
  3. And give a missed call to that number.
  4. Your vote for that number will be counted as one vote for that contestant.

Note: You can only vote for 1 contestant from one phone number. We will be updating the missed call number that is assigned to the contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu if any.

Bigg Boss Telugu 8 Contestants Missed Call Numbers

To be updated.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 8 Winner

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Winner
Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Winner

The audience is very hooked on the show and is very eager to see who wins the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 8. On this website, there is an audience prediction poll that our visitors can use to see who has the highest number of fan following in this season. Chances are the contestant with the highest number of fans will win the season.

We will update this section of this page when the Winner of the show is officially announced. So do make sure to bookmark this website.

Bigg Boss Telugu All-Season Winners List

Want to know the winner names of Bigg Boss Telugu of All Season? Below we have provided you with a table that contains the names of Winners of every season of Bigg Boss Telugu.

SeasonWinnerRunner Up
Season 1Siva BalajiAadarsh
Season 2Kaushal MandaGeetha Madhuri
Season 3Rahul SipligunjSri Mukhi
Season 4AbhijeetAkhil Sarthak
Season 5SunnyShanmukh
Bigg Boss Non-StopBindu MadhaviAkhil
Season 6RevanthSrihan
Season 7??
Season 8

Bigg Boss Telugu Hosts of All Season

Below is the list of hosts of every season of Bigg Boss Telugu.


Following are the most frequently asked questions about Bigg Boss Telugu Season 8.

Who Got the Highest Votes in Bigg Boss 8 Telugu?

As per the current voting poll results – Gangavva, Abhijeet, Monal and Akhil are the ones getting the maximum votes.

Who will be Eliminated in Bigg Boss Telugu 8 This Week?

The elimination of contestants is totally dependent on the audience. If the majority of the audience votes for a particular contestant, then that contestant will be safe from elimination and the other contestant with fewer votes will get eliminated. You can see the voting poll result for this week above.

Who is the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 8 (2024)?

The winner of Bigg Boss 5 is yet to be announced, we will update this section when the winner is announced.

Bigg Boss Telugu vote results today live score

You can see Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Live on this page.

Who is the winner of Bigg Boss 4?

The winner of Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 2020 was Rahul Sipligunj. He got the maximum number of votes in the Bigg Boss grand finale voting.

How Much Do Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants Get Paid?

The Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants Usually get paid according to their popularity and importance. If the contestant is more popular, then he will be paid higher than the ones who are less popular.

Thanks for visiting our Bigg Boss Telugu Season 8 Voting website. Hope you like our website, Please share this voting poll link with your friends and family who are also interested in seeing the Bigg Boss Telugu Voting poll result.


314 thoughts on “Bigg Boss 8 Telugu Vote Today Live Poll & Result”

        1. Avunle usaravelli kada abhi and harika thu nuvvu oka aadapillave kada oka ammayi abbayi friendly ga unte adi tappuga create chese society lo unnam le tappu ledu nu anatam lo
          Mari Akhil and monal manchi valla vademo friend antadu kani monal velli abhi tho matladite monal tho matladatam manesthadu mari friendship a kada monal abhi tho matladite tappenti
          Inkoti potrait ithadi ithadi edi national TV annaru ante vallu janalani meppinchatanike safe game aaduthunnatle kada( abhi tho monal matladite national TV mari Akhil monal kiss and hugs chesukunte national TV kadu)
          Akhil is one of the worst contestant in BB house he is playing safe game SOHEL ni kuda tane marchadu ala ledante tanu genuine person house lo Akhil laga monal meeda focus cheyatledu…. Abhi focus antha game meedane undhu










      1. Sohel is right in sanchalaka job in every task there will be a 1st warning if the same mistake repeated then out, last bell also first ringed by Akhil but Avinash is misguiding , I think Avinash is reacting because his team loss the game. Sohel done a multi-tasking here no doubt.

          1. Very silly reason she nominated ariyana this week…nomination appudu padukundi,abhi,akhil godava padutunte

    1. She won’t win..becoz..not only naturality ..they will see all ..tasks Nd contact with everyone Nd behaviour.nd she may reach the finals but won’t win the title

    2. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  1. Mam konchem alochinchandi andharu thanu old ani vote vesesthunnaru manam valla ade tasks avvani chusi vote veyyali ala enormous ga gelipinchaiyakudadhu

    1. Bayya avida peddavadina ani jali padachu kani anna e vayasulo kuda big boss 4 daka vachindante antha kastapaddatu ame padina kasteme entha daka vachindhi kastam mana ayudamaythe chachipoye 1 min mundhu aina vijayam mana banisa avthundhi

    2. Bhayya ni age yentho Naku thelidhu minimum 30 vuntaya
      Mari nuvvu aamekanna young ye kadha, nikendhuku bigboss ki vellataniki chance raledhu
      Gangavva aa age lo kuda thanento prove cheskundhi
      Andhuku andharu aamenu support chesthunnaru

  2. Mam konchem alochinchandi andharu thanu old ani vote vesesthunnaru manam valla ade tasks avvani chusi vote veyyali ala enormous ga gelipinchaiyakudadhu….first think chaiyandi avalu better ani

    1. Hlo yogesh garu task ani anaru ok andhai but in there all members are young right and only gangavva is old.. for that one reason we are not voting her…if gangavva will be the winner her prize money can save for her life. Rather than gangavva if any another member will be winner than there is no use of winning bcz almost in that all having luxury life rather than gangavva.. so we all will vote for gangavva our vote is going to gangavva only don’t think negative just once think positive

  3. YAMINI REDDY Utkuri

    From so many days am waiting for BIGG BOSS S.4?
    This time selection of contestants is not reached our expectatios .May be because of COVID-19 it seems. It’s ok.
    And also I had notimated to the contestants based their behaviour and character.
    KALYANI and SURYA KIRAN are too different from others. And they are someone aggressive, I think they will be eliminated soon if they continue their angryness .
    Entrainment show….?
    Waiting for today episode ? …..

    1. Andarlo ekkuva ame overaction chesedi…but acting ba ochi kabatti telitle. She is old school stereotype. I vote avinash✊

  4. Generally people will see popular and famous persons but think that they are already popular right .so,make other people popular.very nice contestants selection.

  5. Bayya super bigg boss 4 houseloki vachinda vallu andaru family background rich leda middle class kani gangavva poor ee agelo ameku idoka adrushtam kabatti amenu gelipiddam

  6. This show winner is already decided or announced by most of them as Ganagavaa. There is no point to watch BB$ and see nominations or vote any other contestants. I went through some of the comments above and realized that Gangava hard work paid her and she is in this show now and blah blah blah. Just wanted to convey to those who have commented about gangavva, If hard work paid her to get into this show then let her work hard and show her commitment to win the hearts of people via this show.

    As a spectator we didn’t see her natural act or nature in real. Why so much of hype and predictions at so early stage. I believe most of the contestants might have worked hard to get into this stage. So please respect everyone and be honest in judging any individual contestant before deciding the winner of this show.

    Don’t make any one sole winner of this show. I know most of them will not agree with my comments but be transparent and make this show go good and give opportunity to fresh talent and faces. No one is popular by birth so let’s welcome new talent and encourage them.

    1. Hi andi gangavva winner ani miku bigg boss vachhi cheppara evvaru win avutharo evvaraki thelidhi antha endhuku bigg boss ki kuda thelidhu manam decide cheseskunte ela bro wait cheddam last varaku ok na bro kani na vote matram gangavva ke

  7. First I got some respect on karata kalyani by looking her evi but after looking her behaviour towards sujatha my respect towards her decreased
    Any ways gangava nuvva win atithav win kavalani korukutunam
    My vote for ganggava and sujatha

  8. Am always suport from gangavva am big fan of gangavva ame enthagano kastapadithene e bigg boos varaku vachidi amene win all suport to gangavva. Kastam viluva teliaina manishi mana telangana thalli

  9. GOD man i never seen that much of over acting and miss understanding. getting irritate while she’s think she’s only over smart #karate kalyani

  10. Hi,
    I want to know that is there no Telugu people to welcome on bigboss or what?bigboss team selected unknown Telugu people ,do u think Telugu people not suitable for bigboss,tamil and even Punjabi u selected even there don’t know Telugu u

  11. Gangavva eroju e bigg Boss house lo undantey emay entha kastam lo undi kuda e age valaalo kuda ravadam thanaku goppa vishyam gangavva nuvvu andharini navisthunavu maa

  12. I’m big fan of big boss but this season bb4 very disappointed…
    All contestants are normal and unknown persons even single person not good… I think this season going to be worst season and not reach audience expectations…

  13. Gangava ki vote cheyakandi because she don’t want to there in bigg boss so, understand here problem. I also want to vote but she as some problem

  14. daya chesi aandaru telugu lo matladalani cheppandi English lo matladite English bigg boss aani cheppandi telugu bigg boss aani enduku pettaru peru

  15. I hate gangavva she is the oldest and hate her if she be the winner I will never be the bigg boss follower gangavva is the worst fellow I hat her please eliminate gangavva she not even active and never see her her playing any games think how can she the Winner logically everybody are more active than her

    1. Hi sai krishna bro tell me In that big boss house show me Who is show on the screen genuine and real characters all are fake perfomance.. All are playing drams..that is not a reality show.. that is remuneration nd TRP shows????????

  16. హారిక గారికి బిగ్ బాస్ వచ్చి అమ్మ హారిక ఇంగ్లీష్ లో మాట్లాడకండి అని చెప్పాలి అంట…..అయ్య బిగ్ బాస్ గారు బిగ్ బాస్ 1,2,3,లో అప్పటి హౌస్ మెంట్స్ ఒక్క సారి ఇంగ్లీష్ లో మాట్లాడితే వాళ్ళకి వార్న్ చేశారు మరీ ఇపుడు హారిక అలా…ఇంగ్లీష్ లో నే ఎక్కువగా మాట్లాడితే బిగ్ బాస్ స్పందించక పోవటం వెనుక వున్న కరణ్ణాలు మాకు పలు విధాలుగా అనుమానాలకు దారి తీస్తుంది ….అంతా ప్లాన్ చేస్తున్నారు ఏమో అని….

  17. Migatha vallu young people… energy vundi…valla carrier Midha vallaki oka plan vundhi…but gangavva ala Kadhu chinnapati nundi kastalu prbms…win avakapoyina thanaki support chesthe kontha Kalam iyina happy ga vuntundhi…

  18. Hi bigg boss I am talking about 23rd episode.
    Abhijit did right thing in the game. He is not a character less fellow OK. He respect divi OK.
    So mine vote abijeet and gangavaa

  19. See I when I tried to vote it’s saying already vote with my I’d or come this is happening it’s fraud ..I will complain this to next level and make sure I vote to right person in the house.. Abhijeet played a wonderful role with his teammates thought he was assaulted badly by opponents..bull shit mahaboot I will kill you out bleady you cannot abuse on the TV screen bleady ideot fellow..routless character behavior in the house.. useless fellow

    1. Who the hell to decide for others we won’t watch? You don’t watch , ok, stop writing wrong statements, Monal is not at all doing anything wro, even Glory played game well but she didn’t get credit, it’s all cheap ppl trying to save them selves .. like Avinash, Harika, Gangavva.Noel, Monal, sohel,mahaboob playing welll and Akhil commands Monal misusing her kindness and Abhijeet I hate his mind set

  20. See the sympathy works for only few days, good Gangavva came from village and worked hard, but what the interesting she is showing unless politics, she targeted only Monal, after all being Gujarati she is managing to speak telugu, what the hell divi, Harika, Abhijeet doing speaking only English, and divi influences Gangavva to nominate Monal, such a cheap way the Bigg boss is going .. I guess it’s time for Gangavva to leave home and let’s play game without influencing.. And Abhijeet thinks he is smart , they all are uneducated fools don’t know meaning of friendship if a girl is close to boy they are spreading rumors. Monal on limits not like Harika hugging n kissing everyone, that is somehow worst behavior , Abhijeet when he say Harika strong than Monal that shows he is a playboy

  21. hi frnds how r u?.

    this is mubeen, and i am continuously watching bigg boss, i just edicted to this show from season 4 telugu. my faverate person is abhijeet, really cool cute guy, and game playing like a monster, i will vote for abhi only to win this show.he is genuin, he only play the game as a game not take it serious.please vote for abhijeet. make him win. by abhijeet army.
    guy i am in saudi right now, in this saudi those app are not able to install i am not able to make vote for abhijeet please vote him from my side also.

  22. Please bigg Boss bring back the baby to bigg Boss please please please please please please please please ????????????????????????????????????????????

  23. Sujatha is a waste contestant in big boss 4 . And her judgement on Kumar sai is too bad. sujatha should be nominate from big boss 4. This is my opinion big boss.

  24. Kumar sai is a honest player he following the rules while playing the game of big boss 4. There is no politics on his game. But sujatha is overacting and her laugh is not good and calling nagarjuna sir “bittu” that’s too wrong in the game of big boss 4

  25. సోహెల్ కి అభిజిత్ మగాడు అని తెలియాలంటే ఏమి చెయ్యాలి

  26. సోహెల్ కి అభిజిత్ మగాడు అని తెలియటానికి ఏమి చెయ్యాలి.

    1. Mogone la adale, adolani addam patukoni kadu, chatha kaka pothe musukone kurchovali, oka mata cheptadu athanu a mata meda nelapadadu, appudu andariki kopam vostadi, athanu oka pani chayodu ane chapi ande pani vadu chestadu. Vadu win avvani no problem, nammaka droham, vennu potu podavoddu. Pulihora kalipethe oka(one) ammaitho kalapali, oka ammai che kotindani inkoka ammai dagariki, a ammai chi kotindani inkoka ammai dagariki povodani chepandi, Anthe inka em ledu,

  27. Big boss r u sleeping ? Whats going on Big Boss . How many members r speaking in tulegu ? This is telugu show or English show ? Hello big boss weakup bis boss

  28. Abhijeet nu intlolu target cheste Nagarjuna em anatledu … Kani Abhijeet em ayna chesta tappu antadu kani intlo valu cheste tappa kada?

    1. Varaiye guddi mokam vadda nee jimmadi ponu ariyana nu Eli image chestada anta a gayyala dani lopaliki testaranta thu me chimpidi mokam thagalaiya gudlu pheli pothai ra sachinoda ariyana gelusthundi anthe dammunte appu ma ariyana thopu ra Gerri Pappu.  Winner winner chicken dinner ariyana pappa is the winner bold girl

  29. Abhijeet thinks he is smart but he is not.He is playing with monal .Harika is one of the waste contestant.Both Abhijeet and Harika should be eliminated so that all will be njoying biggboss4.please biggboss remove this two people Abhijeet and Harika.waste fellow and overaction fellow Abhijeet.
    Akhil should be the winner.

    1. NO, Akhil CUNING. Making up things with gangavva on Abhijeet. HATE AKHIL. SUPPORT ABHIJEETH. Akhil is fake. In unseen video, he told lies to Gangavva.


  30. My Opinion Is Gangavva is adorable women. She won the big boss winner. She will plying Bigboss game very natural and fair.

  31. sohail i love you mama so much. You are playing well.i enjoyed a lot.While starting the big boss show . i am see you only mama.”I ENJOYED A LOT”

  32. సోహెల్ కెప్టెన్ పోటీదారుడు గా ఎన్నుకోమని మెహబూబ్ ని అడిగే విధానం బాగుంది.
    అభిజిత్ ఆట బాగా లేదు స్టార్స్ ఇచ్చిన ఇవ్వకపోయినా కష్టమర్ ని మెప్పించే ప్రయత్నం చేయాలి తరువాత ప్రేక్షకులు,బిబి చూసుకుంటారు.

  33. సోహెల్ కెప్టెన్ పోటీ దారు విషయంలో మెహబూబ్ ని అడిగేవిధానం బాగుంది.
    అభిజిత్ ఆట ఫర్ఫెక్ట్ గా ఆడాలి స్టార్స్ ఇవ్వకపోయినా సహనంతో సర్వీసు చేయాలి తరువాత ప్రేక్షకులు బిబి చూసుకుంటారు.

  34. Please safe Abhijeet,Monal,Lasya,Sohel,Noel, Akhil,Ariyana,Amma Rajashekar, Harika,Divi,and emilate for Sujatha.Ok Biss Boss.

  35. ”Who Should Win #BiggBossTelugu4 ?” – In this section u have mentioned everyone’s name except The One who has The Real Eligibility To become THE BIGG BOSS TITLE WINNER! That is None other than “mana Avinash Anna”!

    Please Update the site , try to mention him surely!

    1. THis tym i lost my impression on Big boss…i dont know why Monal is sustaining in Big boss…with out hardwork and Knowledge…she is only for Akhil not for Game. Big boss doing full of Favor for MONAL …elimation not based on Voting its completely for Big boss game.

  36. sohail Captain గా not perfect elimination process lo mehaboob safe చేయడం not correct కాదు.has a captain ga ఆలోచించాలి. ex;one cricket team captain Sohail అనుకోండి. దానిలో players talent బటి opportunity istada laka నా friend అని opportunity ఇస్తాడా.

  37. Monal m pikuthundi ani intlo vote vesthunaru ame mogola thothi tiruguthu vala yedariki madya game aduthundi…. sympathy kosam aduthundi……. akadi matalu yekadiki.. yekadi matalu akadiki chuthundi…… waste girl ….. thanu vese bathalu ????????????????????????????????????????????????????..thanu amayee siguledaa….. chichi… don’t vote for monal her character is not good…….

  38. Fnds Remove Abhi because ,he is playing safe game nd he is changing the game .big boss plz… Requesting u plz… give Warning to abhi about game ,tell him to play he is game don’t involve in others game ???????? otherwise remove him from big boss

  39. Sympathy kosam sohel adusthunaduuu… Thappu chesiii kudaaa adusthunadu…. Asalu captain ki thanaki rights levu he is playing safe game…. He is to eliminate from bigg boss house..

  40. Bigg boss u said sohel not to get anger so he never said anything to aryana as she told pogaru and he never showed angry when Kumar sai is showing finger sohel request him(please watch at the starting he said please finger kindiki still continues ayithe vaddu kindiki annadu sohel) Kumar sai still did the same pocket lo hand pettukunte kuda problem anta Kumar sai ki, today Avinash also said he is not right but sohel is absolutely correct because 1st warning is compulsory to reject/out which he given to divi. when Avinash is sanchalaka in captancy task he gave the warning don’t cross the line( given the warning to Sai) and Akhil helmet pattukunnappudu Avinash said don’t put hand so why he is not rejected?? As he is questioning to Sohel

  41. Avinash is begging for votes and talking about other shows ( jabardast)bad.Just for sympathy,I didn’t like.
    Ariyana over dialogue delivery which is not taken by everyone.
    I feel Sohail is playing well but under mehaboob direction.
    Mehaboob cunning player taking advantage of Sohail.
    Harika has improved.
    Abhijeet and lasya waste in house.
    Akhil well playing.
    Amma Rajashekar is waste in house.

  42. Akhil baga Aduthunnadu abijith vundi weast edhukante over GA alochisthadu thappu adhi naku aithe perfect Akhil aduthunnadu hariyana very bad ela matladithe manusulu vintaro telusukova istamochinattu matladakudadhu mehuboob ki noru vundhani aravadaniki gani weast naku telisinanthavaru Akhil aduthunnadu winner is Akhil

  43. Guys…
    Vote for abhijeet
    The bigg boss was targeted to eliminate the abhijet
    See when akhil was gon to a room the bigg was showing only the abhijet videos.. They was not showing other.. So don’t give them chance get eliminate the abhi.. So vote for abhii. Guys..


  44. First element Akhil.
    Andukantee Avinash chepindi naaku thelusu anadu, mari

    sohell drink chesindi vaala thamudiki chepadu kadaa. mari letter anduku pampinchadu bigg boss????

    Monal chepindi nijaamaaa, study manesindi avariki theliyadaa…

    Maaku answer kavali bigg boss…

    Akhil aataa fake game..

  45. This show and Nag Sir is supporting Akhil… They never Critisize Akhil when he keeps making Monal Cry, talks trash to Abhijeet, tells that he never thought that he was going to be evicted in front of all when he actually begged on his knees in front of Nag sir in secret room. Why dont they show that clip to the house mates. I clearly see that the bigg boss has decided to make Akhil in Top 2 and then make him a winner.

  46. While calling nimber it said the no is busy..does my vote count or should i call again i hear the ring sound??and hw many times do i need to vote through missed call.?i mean one misd cl fr one day or daily one missed cl? Or weekly once??

  47. The world melts down when a woman cries, but nobody believes if males cry. And this monal don’t have any talent, but people are melting for her beauty and crying.

  48. What are the Bigg Boss organizers doing when there is big roar waste and unwarranted comments on the show. This shows the organizers are not fit to handle these. Sorry to say, this leads our interest on the show to shut down the channel and go ahead with some other interesting shows. 

  49. I was trying to vote trough call for avinash but it’s not connecting it’s coming busy or disconnecting the call. My vote goes to avinash he playing his game alone.

  50. big boss lo show lo akhil and monal and sohial kalisi adadam bagaledu okareni okaru help chesukovadam megatha valanu target cheyadam bagaledu elimantion lo akihl or monal velipovali appudu bigboss show bagauntudi

  51. Uyyalavada Nagaraju

    Konchammm kuda thelivi leni maind set program big boss show chee cheee assalu edhi yemainnaa mancheedhenaa nee gunddela medha chei vesukoni cheppu maa Television 📺 edhi enthavaraku manchidhee samajaniki oka manchi message evvu oknaaa lekapothe fast show close chei 🙏🙏

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