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Bigg Boss 17 Voting: Online Voting Poll & Result (2024)

If you’re looking to add your vote In the Bigg Boss 17 Voting Poll then you have come to the right place. Welcome to where you can learn about how to add your vote in the Bigg Boss 17 online voting poll and what is the complete process to do it.

Not only this, but we will also provide you with our own public voting poll where you can vote for your favourite contestant and also see the live result after voting. This is a perfect way to predict which contestant might get eliminated in the upcoming elimination round.

Bigg Boss 17 Voting

Here is the public poll where you can add your vote in the poll and see which contestant is getting the maximum votes and which contestant is getting the least number of votes.

Please note that this is not the official Bigg Boss 17 voting poll. This is just a public poll created for the interest of Bigg Boss viewers only.

Bigg Boss 17 Voting Process

In this section of the article, we are going to tell you the official voting procedure for Bigg Boss 17. There are different methods to vote in Bigg Boss 17 voting. For example, previously missed call methods were used in the Bigg Boss show to conduct the voting procedure.

Previously, the Voot platform was the official voting platform for Bigg Boss Hindi. We will share with you details about each method and how you can add your vote in the Bigg Boss 17 Voting Poll.

Bigg Boss 17 Voting on JioCinema App

Previously the voting procedure was conducted on the Voot app. After the merger of Voot and JioCinema, JioCinema is now the new method to officially participate in the Bigg Boss Voting Polls. The process is described below in detail:

Step 1: Download the JioCinema App on your Android/iOS device.

Step 2: Search for Bigg Boss Season 17 in the search bar.

Step 3: Scroll down until you see the ‘Vote’ banner on the page.

Step 4: Choose the contestant you want to save from getting eliminated this week.

Step 5: After that, simply submit the vote.

Now your vote is counted in the Bigg Boss official voting. A user can vote multiple times for their favourite contestant. The more you vote for your favourite contestant, the lesser the chances of your favourite contestant getting eliminated from the show.

Bigg Boss 17 Voting On JioCinema Website

The process is very similar to JioCinema App voting. You just need to visit the website and there you will find the latest Bigg Boss 17 banner. Click on it and scroll down to the voting section where you will find the list of nominated contestants for the week so that you can vote and participate in the latest Bigg Boss 17 Voting poll online.

Bigg Boss 17 Missed Call Voting

Did you know you could also vote for your favourite Bigg Boss contestants by simply giving missed calls? Yes! Previously in Bigg Boss, the audience could vote for their favourite contestant by giving a missed call to a phone number which was assigned to their favourite contestants.

This was a popular method of voting in Bigg Boss previously. But now this is no longer the official voting method.

Bigg Boss 17 Voting Results

You can also check the live results by voting on our website ( Although the official voting results are not shared anywhere publicly.

You get to know the contestant with the least amount of votes during the elimination announcement only. But we will be sharing with you the results of our unofficial poll through which you can predict which contestant is safe and which contestant might get eliminated.

Bigg Boss Season 17

ShowBigg Boss (Season 17)
No. of Contestants19 // Given Here
HostSalman Khan
Release Date15 October 2023
Timing10:00 PM Weekdays, 9 PM Weekends
TV ChannelColors
Prize Money50 Lakh Rupees
No. of Days105
GenreReality Show
Streaming PartnersJioCinema
Official Voting Method

Bigg Boss is a Hindi reality TV show which airs on Colors channel. It took off on 15th October at 9 PM on Sunday. Previously, you could watch Bigg Boss episodes on the Voot platform. But there are a few changes this time. Voot is no longer the streaming partner of the show. Rather they are not merged with JioCinema. That means now you can watch all the episodes of Bigg Boss season 17 on the JioCinema platform.

24 Hours live-streaming feature is also provided on the JioCinema platform. Other than that, you can obviously watch the latest shows on Colors TV channel from 10 PM on Weekdays and from 9 PM onwards on weekends.

The host of the show is going to be none other than Indian superstar Salman Khan. The show is going to go on for 100+ Days (Not confirmed). As of writing this content, there is no confirmation of any wild card entries in the house.

The prize money for Bigg Boss season 17 is 50 Lakh Rupees. But we don’t know if there are going to be any twists regarding the prize money as of now.

Bigg Boss 17 Contestants

Bigg Boss Season 17 started on 15th October with a total of 17 contestants. Two couples entered the house as contestants. In total, there are 17 contestants officially in Bigg Boss Season 17 as of writing this content. We will update this page whenever there is a new contestant entering the house.

You can find the list of Bigg Boss 17 contestants below. We have shared about their profession as well along with their names.

1Vicky JainBusinessman
2Ankita LokhandeTelevision Actress
3Sana KhanCriminal Lawyer
4Anurag DobhalYouTuber
5Jigna VoraJournalist
6Navid SolePharmacist
7Aishwarya SharmaTelevision Actress
8Neil BhattTelevision Actor
9Munawar FaruquiComedian
10Mannara ChopraActress
11Soniya BansalActress
12Firoza KhanRapper
13Sunny AryaYouTuber
14Isha MalviyaTelevision Actress
15Abhishek KumarTelevision Actor
16Arun MashetteyYouTuber
17Rinku DhawanActress

Bigg Boss 17 Host

The last few seasons of Bigg Boss Hindi were hosted by Salman Khan. And the Season 17 is no exception. You will get to see Salman Khan hosting the Bigg Boss show on Weekends where he connects with the contestants and entertains the audience. And the end of the weekend, the host announces the contestant who has to leave the house.

Previously in Bigg Boss Hindi seasons, we saw Celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan and Arshad Warsi as the hosts of the show as well.

Watch Bigg Boss 17 Online

Do you want to know how you can watch Bigg Boss 17 online for free? Yes, it is possible. Previously the viewers could enjoy the latest and every episode of Bigg Boss on the voot platform. But now since Voot is merged with JioCinema, the audience can now watch all the episodes of Bigg Boss Season 17 on the JioCinema platform. JioCinema also features a 24×7 live camera inside the house so that the viewers can watch the housemates all the time.

Bigg Boss 17 Nominated Contestants This Week

Here we will update you with the nominated and eliminated contestants of the Bigg Boss 17 house. Here you will find the nominated contestants for all weeks including the latest one. Not only that we will also tell you which contestant was eliminated at any given week.

WEEK 1: Navid, Abhishek, Mannara. Nobody was eliminated this week.

WEEK 2: Sana, Neil, Khanzadi (Firoza), Aishwarya, Tehalka (Sunny), Soniya. Soniya Evicted.

WEEK 3: Arun, Isha, Manasvi, Samarth, Sana. Manasvi eliminated.

WEEK 4: Arun, Anurag, Ankita, Neil, Aishwarya, Navid, Samarth, Tehalka, Mannara. No one was evicted.

WEEK 5: Anurag, Sunny, Abhishek, Khanzadi, Ankita




WEEK 9: Vicky, Neil, Abhishek, Khanzadi

WEEK 10: Neil, Aishwarya, Ankita, Anurag. Aishwarya evicted.

WEEK 11: Neil, Abhishek, Rinku, Aayesha.

WEEK 12: Abhishek, Aoora, Aayesha, Arun, Samarth, Munawar.

WEEK 13: Arun, Munawar, Vicky, Mannara, Abhishek, Samarth, Aayesha

WEEK 14: Vicky, Isha, Ankita, Aayesha

Bigg Boss 17 Nomination Process

The contestants of Bigg Boss are given new tasks every week. The contestants need to perform the task as given. Contestants who fail to perform the task week, get nominated for eliminated in the upcoming elimination round.

Bigg Boss 17 Elimination Process

Any nominated contestant who gets the least number of votes in the Bigg Boss Season 17 Voting poll result, will get eliminated from the house and the show in general.

In order to save your favourite contestant from getting eliminated from the show, the audience can vote for their favourite contestant in maximum capacity by following the Bigg Boss 17 official voting process.

Bigg Boss 17 Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some of the most asked questions regarding Bigg Boss Season 17 by our users. You can go through them to find quick answers to some of the most asked questions around Bigg Boss.

Who is getting the maximum votes in Bigg Boss 17?

As of now, Munawar Faruqui is getting the maximum votes and support in the Bigg Boss 17 house.

How to watch Bigg Boss Season 17 Online?

You can watch Bigg Boss season 17 online for completely free on the JioCinema platform.

Who is getting eliminated this week in Bigg Boss 17?

You can check the Bigg Boss 17 Voting Result which is provided at the top of this page to know the answer.

How to vote in the Bigg Boss 17 Voting Poll Online?

You can participate in the Bigg Boss 17 online voting poll through the JioCinema platform as well as on our website for unofficial voting.

That was the complete detail about Bigg Boss Season 17 and Bigg Boss 17 Voting Poll Online & result. We hope you found value in our website.

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Bigg Boss Voting is a crucial factor in the show. And it is what makes the show connect with the audience since there is a huge role of the audience as well in the show.

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