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Bigg Boss 7 Telugu: Rathika Rose gets emotional remembering someone

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Rathika Rose gets emotional

The beautiful Rathika Rose entered the Bigg Boss 7 Telugu season as one of the 14 contestants. Peddaiah recently revealed that he has broken up with Tollywood star singer Rahul Sipligunj.

14 celebrities have entered as contestants in the Bigg Boss 7 Telugu season. One of them is the beautiful sweetheart Rathika Rose. Ratika has become a rose for this beautiful Big Boss.

Rathika has been very active and entertaining since the first day she entered the house. Pallavi is making noise with Prashant while singing songs. In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 7 Telugu on 7th September, Rathika said that she should not sing a song for the teachers but for the students on the occasion of Teacher’s Day.

Bigg Boss mocks Rathika for singing the song. After a while, Bigg Boss invites Rathika to the Fun Activity Room. After this, Rathika went to the room and saw coffee on the table. Bigg Boss said Come Rathika.. let’s sit and talk. Ratika drinks coffee. Bigg Boss says How is the coffee..very good. Bigg Boss asks if he misses anyone. Rathika gets emotional with tears.

Rathika cried, “If you ask if you miss anyone, you say your parents first. But when your parents are around, you still miss someone.” Yes, that person (ex-boyfriend).” Peddaiah said, “You have sung a lot of songs till now, haven’t you? Now Bigg Boss wants to sing a song for you.” To this Rathika said, “Don’t sing any song. It is for me.” Then Bigg Boss played the song ‘Udta Udta Ooch’.

This song was sung by Rahul Sipliganj in the Bigg Boss 3 Telugu season. At that time Rahul sang this song for Punarnavi Bhoopalam. Bigg Boss hints that Rathika’s lover is Rahul Sipliganj. Apart from this, Nagarjuna had asked Rathika on the day of her entry, ‘Has she come out of her heartbreak?’ Rathika said to Nagarjuna, “Ha.. whatever you did, how well you did and asking with a smile.” Nagarjuna said, “What have I done?”

Ratika said, “You have done all this.” Also, Nagarjuna said, “You imitate well. You don’t imitate the one who broke your heart” meaning… “Sing now,” said Rathika. Going by this conversion and promo, it seems that Rathika’s ex-boyfriend is Rahul.


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