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Kiran Rathod evicted from Bigg Boss Telugu 7

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Kiran Rathod evicted from Bigg Boss Telugu 7

Kiran Rathod was eliminated in the first week of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7, while Prince Yavar narrowly escaped elimination. Host Nagarjuna introduced Powerstra and King’s Meter, unique features that analyze the contestants’ performance. The episode also included a segment where the contestants shared their love and hate moments in the house.

Kiran Rathod became the first contestant to be evicted from the Bigg Boss house. Despite being a popular face among the audience, Kiran failed to attract the audience with her game. Even Prince Yawar’s performance was very similar to Kiran’s.

As Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 reached its first weekend, things started heating up in the house as differences among the contestants started erupting at each other like volcanoes. Somehow, Prince managed to get ahead of Kiran in the elimination.

Sandeep also got access to a VIP room in the Bigg Boss house as a gift for winning Powerstraw. Nagarjuna unveiled a meter called King’s Meter and it is used to analyze the contestants. This has been the first of its kind in Bigg Boss Telugu. The host also plays an important role in analyzing the contestants.

The fun segment of the episode was named ‘Love Moment and Hate Moment’. In this segment, contestants were asked to share their favourite or most hated moments in the house. They were also asked to call those special persons on stage where they had love and hate moments.

Well, as the first week comes to an end, there are some contestants who have performed something extraordinary. Amardeep and Gautam are two contestants who performed below expectations and even host Nagarjuna hinted at bringing his A-game.

The makers seem to be trying their best to make this season different and attractive compared to the previous seasons. The previous season was recorded as the lowest TRP among all the seasons till now. We hope that the second week will be more interesting with actions and performances.


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