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Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Shanmukh Jashwant and Sriram Chandra likely to compete for the winner’s trophy

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There are 35 more days left for the grand finale of Bigg Boss Telugu 5, and less than a dozen contestants are left. So it is time for the finale list prediction. The viewers of Bigg Boss Telugu 5 are busy predicting the winner and runner-up of the show. Many of them say that Shanmukh Jaswant will take home the trophy while some others feel that Sriram Chandra will be the winner. And when it comes to Ravi, they say that Ravi and Sunny can be the runners-up.

According to the analysis of Show Observer on social media, Shanmukh Jaswant, Sriram Chandra, Ravi and Sunny will enter the final round. The fifth contestant could be Ani Master or Manas. There is a tough competition between Shriram and Shannu in terms of popularity. However, both have an equally huge fan base. Unfortunately, SRC’s fan following has dwindled after Sri Reddy leaked their private conversations on WhatsApp.

It is known that Sri Reddy made some statements regarding the character of Sriram Chandra and said that he does not deserve to win the title of Bigg Boss Telugu 5. Most of Sriram Chandra’s fans are non-Telugu, so it may not affect his vote bank. Apart from this, top Bollywood celebrities are also supporting him. Let us see if Sri Reddy’s actions have any bearing on the fate of SRC in Bigg Boss.

Shanmukh is playing well at home. However, even though he doesn’t perform, his fans are working hard to protect him and ensure that he makes it to the top 3 finalists. But one thing is for sure – if Sriram and Shannu are in the top 2, then they will not be surprised if they get the same number of votes. However, the finale list will keep changing every day depending on the situation in the Bigg Boss house, so let’s wait and see.


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