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Kamal Haasan appreciates the noble efforts of Inspector Rajeshwari

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In Bigg Boss Tamil 5, Kamal Haasan on Sunday spoke about the noble efforts of Inspector Rajeshwari, who carried an unconscious man on his shoulders during the Chennai floods. Talking about himself, Kamal said, “We have been hearing many cases of police brutality since the last few years. But, Inspector Rajeshwari’s timely work helped the man. He is a role model for all. I am proud to talk about him on the show.” Last week in the Captaincy Task, the contestants were asked to campaign for themselves. While Abhinay was declared the winner, Isaiwani used his special coin to become the captain. He was asked about his understanding of the game and why he deserves to be the captain.

Isaiwani said that she could not properly govern the kitchen area a few weeks back. She said, “Many people pointed out my mistakes. So, I wanted to improve myself and prove that I am better than him.” Kamal Haasan then asked the contestants about Isaiwani’s captaincy. Abhinay said that she could not use her powers properly as she was guilty of snatching the captaincy from him. Sibi felt that Christian was hesitant. Kamal Haasan asked about the warning given to him by Bigg Boss and said that she was the first captain to be warned by Bigg Boss. Most of the contestants felt that Isaiwani tried his best, but his captaincy was not good.

While Pavani ruled the living room this week, Isaiwani was the captain of the entire house. There was a lot of confusion in the meeting regarding the consumption of food and water. Kamal Haasan said, “Whatever the rules are in the living room, you should have given priority to hunger-thirst. Christian, you need to talk directly about your problems.” Kamal Haasan asked the contestants two people under categories. asked to choose – those who stood by you and those who betrayed you. Varun chose Akshara as the friend and Nirup as the betrayer. Priyanka picks Nirup as her friend and says that she is yet to find the person who betrayed her. Nirup calls Priyanka and Abhinay his friends and Varun is a cheater.

Six people were in danger on Sunday and Kamal initially saved Akshara, Pavani, and Sibi. The last three standing were Imman Annachi, Mathumithaa, and Abhinay. Kamal Haasan said that acting is usually the last person to be saved every week. He then saved the act and asked to give his opinion in the coming weeks. Kamal Haasan then announced that Mathumita has been evicted. He said that Mathu has been a big fan of Bigg Boss. He said, “Your time was short, but you have achieved fame. Don’t feel bad that your journey was short. Everyone inside the house loved you.


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