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Bigg Boss Telugu 6: Speculation about Nagarjuna’s favourite contestant!

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Bigg Boss Telugu is one of the most popular TV reality shows in Telugu states. The show is being hosted by Tollywood King Akkineni Nagarjuna.

Nagarjuna will have his favourite contestant in every season. If you are watching Bigg Boss Telugu 6 and wondering who is Nagarjuna’s favourite contestant then let us tell you that according to what is happening in Bigg Boss Telugu 6 house, RJ Suriya Bigg Boss Telugu host’s favourite contestant can be.

RJ Surya is misbehaving in the house. However, Nagarjuna seems to be going easy on him, allowing him to make mistakes for the TRP rating. Nagarjuna and the show’s organizers have eliminated Aarohi Rao, who used to hang out with Suriya in the Bigg Boss house before his elimination. Now, Suriya seems to be getting closer to another lady housewife Inaaya Sultana.

Even the two have crossed their limits in the house by hugging and kissing like a couple. Nagarjuna and the show’s organizers are eliminating the contestants who came close to Suriya. Why Nagarjuna is showing special treatment to RJ Surya and why he is not roasting Surya has become a topic of discussion on social media.

One possible reason could also be that RJ Surya is Nagarjuna’s favourite contestant. Let’s wait and see what Nagarjuna has to say about Surya’s romance in the house.


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