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Bigg Boss Telugu 6: Neha and Revanth have a heated argument over the captaincy task

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In the beginning of the latest episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 6, Arjun talks to Revanth and explains how he would have nominated someone else if he had made jokes similar to Revanth. He told Revanth that if they don’t nominate him for being friends, it will not be fair game. Revanth said that he understood, but he had to explain his jokes to Arjun, and he would do so later.

Srisatya was present when this conversation took place and then Srihan joined him after Revanth left. The trio were discussing the equation between Arjun and Vasanti. Arjun kept saying that Revanth pushed Arjuna to declare that he sees Vasanti as a brother, that Arjun got angry and it had nothing to do with how he felt about Vasanti.

Geetu and Adi talked about the nomination. Geetu tells them that instead of repeatedly nominating people from the same group, it would be better to nominate weaker contestants who have not been nominated yet, so that the chances of stronger contestants facing expulsion are reduced. In the late evening discussion, Aditya advised Revanth on his tone and manner of speaking. He explained to Revanth that speaking his heart out is different from being loud and aggressive. Even unfiltered opinion can be spoken in a decent manner without sounding too impressive.

A conversation takes place between Surya and Aarohi where Surya explains to Aarohi about a possible allegation that might come their way. She reminded him that they were probably the closest friends in the house than any other couple or group of friends. He said that at some point, they would be accused of playing together and favoring their game for the sake of the other person. Aarohi agreed. He also reiterated that they will only support each other individually and not when it comes to sports.

Mr. Satya and Revanth discussed about Mr. Satya eating alone. She said that she cannot eat with other people every day. He advised her that if she can make small number of sacrifices then she can please people with her actions. She came here to play sports, not to please people. She said that if she wants to eat alone, and Arjuna comes and sits with her, she will naturally ask her to eat alone and if she is angry then it is her problem. Revanth admitted that it was his wish. Later in the episode, Mr. Satya is shown having food and chatting with Arjun.

Neha and Revanth had a heated argument over the Captaincy task. Revanth walks out in the middle of the discussion and later Neha has another argument about how wrong it was for her to go out like this. The task for the day was about babies. The contestants had to take care of these babies and keep them in strollers. Puzzles and a race were included. This work will continue the next day also.

The Bigg Boss show is being hosted by Akkineni Nagarjuna. Rumors are doing the rounds that there is a chance for the organizers of the show to do double elimination in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 as there was no elimination in the house last week.


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