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Bigg Boss Telugu 6: Heavy voting in favor of Revanth

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The latest episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 6 continues with the Captaincy Contestant task. Srihan stole Arjun and Baladitya’s dolls in the night. Bigg Boss announces the next part of the challenge where the housemates have to push each other out of the ring. Revanth is the operator and he decides the winner. Faima, Aarohi and Keerti competed in the task first. Inaaya and Arjun joined in. All the female contestants pushed Arjun out of the ring.

Revanth disqualifies Fama. Aarohi and Kirti then lost, leaving Inaaya the winner of the task and the next captaincy contender. According to the next challenge, the first contender, who will arrange three scoops in their respective cones in two rounds displayed on the LED screen, will become the next captaincy contender. Rajasekhar won the task in the first round and Surya in the second.

In the end, Chanti, Inaya, Raj and Surya were declared the contenders for the captaincy. The next day’s promo shows the housemates narrating their emotional stories and fans filling up with tears.

Shani Salmon, Faima, Revanth, Marina and Rohit, Adi Reddy, Geetu Royal, Abhinay and Rajasekhar are in danger zone in the second week nomination process of the contestants in the Bigg Boss Telugu 6 house. Any of these contestants can pack their bags and leave the Bigg Boss Telugu 6 house in the upcoming weekend, ending their stint in the reality show.

However, the audience and fans of the contestants as well as the voting results of the TV shows can change their fate. According to the recent polling result percentage, Revanth, who was nominated in the first and second week, is leading the way to garner the most votes from the public. He secured around 12995 votes which is around 32.33% till 5.30 pm on 15th September. He is followed by Fama, Marina and Rohit.


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