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Bigg Boss Telugu 4: WEEK 5


We are now in to the 5th Week of Bigg Boss 4 Telugu. In week 4 – we saw harika, abhijeet, syed sohail, swathi deekshit, mehboob, lasya these contestants getting nominated.

Out of which Swathi Deekshit was eliminated from the house.

Week 5 Nominations

This week the nominated contestants are:

Amma Rajsekhar

Vote here

These are the 9 contestants who are eliminated this week in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4. You can go ahead and vote for your favourite contestant on the Hotstar app.


9 thoughts on “Bigg Boss Telugu 4: WEEK 5”

  1. Lafoot big boss asalu e week least voting rajshekhar ki unnai asalu sujathani Ela eliminate chestharu boss. 2nd tym meeru rajshekhar ni save cheyadam. Antha matraaniki memu vote vedam endhuku sir

  2. Why should sujatha be saved
    She doesn’t have game plan
    Simply un-necessarily laughing
    Call a good background person in a personal name
    What is her identity
    Biggboss done thing by saving Amma rajasekhar and eliminating this stupid lady

  3. Biggboss telugu 4 is not a reality show, it is only a TRP show. No value to voting. It is a fake and bonus eliminations. If they have guts and genuineness they should bring the voting results to public. They are changing the elimination process according to their own wish to save their favourite contestants from eliminations. It is a game for showing love tracks,hugs ,etc.Family audiences are not interested to saw biggboss like previous days and are decreasing day by day. There is no place to the solo ,performing tasks effectively persons in the house.In the past few weeks Nagarjuna garu who is my favorite hero also showing partiality while praising and commenting in their weekend reviews and eliminations time.

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