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Will Sohel be the next Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Winner?

Syed Sohel

The Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 started with 19 contestants on 6th Sept 20. By the 12th Week, only 7 contestants are left in the house.

The contestants Abhijeet, Akhil, Ariana, Avinash, Monal, Sohail and Harika are fighting very closely to win the title and one of them will be eliminated this weekend. According to a recent poll conducted Akhil, Avinash, Monal or Ariana one of the four will be eliminated from the show this week.

There is a huge debate on who will be the next bigg boss Telugu winner among these contestants. If we see the voting trend of this season then definitely Abhijeet is the favourite choice of the audiences. Akhil is strongly competing with him in the race. Sohel, Monal, Harika, Avinash and Ariana are also very strong competitors in the show.

Monal was previously saved by bigg boss but now she holds a strong position in the game. Ariana’s performance graph is also increasing week by week and she is one of the strongest female contestants in the bigg boss house…

Harika has also bounced back in the game after being selected as captain and completing the difficult tasks.

But Sohail’s name is coming up exceptionally well in the title race when it wasn’t expected. Sohail is the most genuine and transparent contestant in the house. The hashtag #SohailForTheWin is trending a lot on social media.

Chances are of Abhijeet and Akhil winning the game is also very high.

Sohail, Akhil or Abhijeet who will become the next bigg boss winner? Anyways we will come to know in another four weeks.


28 thoughts on “Will Sohel be the next Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Winner?”

  1. No abijith is bb4 winner bcz this reality show is not only about physical task it’s also related to the behavior of the person in different kinds of that abijith is most deserving person for the title

  2. SOHEL Is the only contestant to win the title….he created only Genuine fan base…. Abhijith continued his fan base using Influencers..mainly YouTube channel influencers who made reviews and only highlighted Abhijit so unfairly from starting it’ media content creators boosting abhijith trolling other contestants ruthlessly…finally these are the works of public relations agencies….it is so supporting an unworthy contestant who has head weight… lazy person.. For sure if Abhijith wins Trophy is going loose it’s value…SOHEL DESERVES TITLE HONESTLY ????????????????He should win the power of Genuine fan base ✊✊✊

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