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The makers of Bigg Boss contacted Shubhangi Atre

shubhangi atre bigg boss 14

For the last few days, there are reports about actress Shubhangi Atre that she is going to come to Bigg Boss. However, now Shubhangi has given her reaction to this news.

Actually, Shubhangi spoke to the media saying, ‘Yes it is true that I got a call for Bigg Boss 14, but I am doing Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain and this show is very important for me right now. So for this reason I cannot go to Big Boss at all ‘.

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Regarding the show, Shubhangi said, ‘Bigg Boss is not for me anyway because I will not be able to give them the kind of contestants people like the show. Yes, maybe if I change my mind in the future, I will not be a part of the show ‘.

Let us know that recently Angoori has deleted its Ticketcock account. Deleting this app, Shubhangi had said that I left Ticketock because I want to support local business. I do not want outside apps to affect the economy of our country.

Shubhangi further says that it is true that Tiktok is a popular medium and can be used for promotional activities in the future. But I will remain firm on my decision and will not use this app. There are many mediums that are local, I will use them now. I hope that others will also use the local platforms more by deleting it.


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