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Sohel vs Harika: The Ugly Fight


In the latest episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 4, we saw the contestants had to nominate other housemates for the 11th week of elimination.

Akhil is the caption of the house for this week and he nominates Lasya as the ration manager.

In the Monday episode, Sohel nominated Harika saying that she called her “waste fellow”. After that Harika replied. Like this, the fight went on and took an ugly turn.

In this verbal fight, Sohel commented on Harika’s height. Harika warned Sohel to not talk to her in this disrespectful manner.

Many viewers were angry at Sohel for this comment and netizens started trolling Sohel for this behaviour.


6 thoughts on “Sohel vs Harika: The Ugly Fight”

  1. I think this site owner is also a fan of abi???? they mention waste fellow in normal colour and highlight the word height in thick colour this shows the difference aah we all know sohel is right now stop this plzz???? calling someone waste fellow shows her attitude and she thought sohel will do nothing but sohel know how to react harika behaviour changes everyday! sohel is correct and he will be the winner.????

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