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Shocking Results of Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Polls


Bigg Boss Telugu 4 has a great start. Many contestants have already created an emotional impact on the audience.

The game debuted on the show with the Elimination nomination. As the game intensified, the show became fun. One elimination and two wildcard entries have been completed in BB Telugu 4.

The third week will be important for the nominated contestants. In the third week, seven contestants were nominated for elimination.

Harika and Kumar Sai have again been nominated for elimination. Although he was the most popular contestant for Week 1.

The first day of the third week of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 has yielded incredible results. However, the result may change in the coming days of the week.

There is a lot of pressure on the rest of the nominations due to the nomination of contestants like Harika, Lasya and Monal Gurjar.

According to major election reports, Devi is at the bottom, due to her lack of positive association with other housemates. Negative behaviour towards Amma Rajasekhar has cost Devi and Lasya dearly.

However, two other contestants are also very close to Devi in ‚Äč‚Äčterms of voting results. Harika and Mehboob are at the bottom with Devi.

The top 3 contestants on the third-week nomination list are Ariana, Kumar Sai and Lasya.

Lasya is in the top 3 of the voting results and is likely to be safe this week. If the voting trend remains the same then Monal could be in danger this week.

Big Boss Telugu 4 The third-week elimination nomination list includes Devi Nagavalli, Lasya, Monal Gurjar, Kumar Sai, Ariana, Mehboob and Harika. Three contestants are in danger of elimination this week.

One of the contestants from Devi Nagavalli, Monal and Mehboob may be eliminated this week.

On the first day of voting Ariana got 22% votes, Kumar Sai 21% votes, Monal Gurjar 17% votes, Lasya got 17% votes, Harika got 11% votes, Mehboob got 6% votes and Devi got 5% votes. . You can also vote to save your favourite contestants from among the nominees for elimination, Lasya, Monal, Harika, Mehboob, Ariana, Kumar Sai and Devi.


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