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Shanmukh becomes the last captain of Bigg Boss Telugu 5

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The latest episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 5 begins with Shanmukh, Siri, and Ravi participating in a challenge. They had to kick plastic balls into their respective targets. To avoid the round, Ravi and Siri had to persuade Priyanka, the king of the round. Priyanka took her time to decide between the two. Kajal encourages him to make better decisions. Priyanka finally decides to save Ravi and eliminate Siri.

Shanmukh occupied the next throne. Siri hugs and kisses Shanmukh and asks him to take a wise decision. Ravi and Priyanka try to convince Shanmukh. Priyanka mentioned that this was her last chance to become the captain and she can set a good example as a transgender too.

Shanmukh decides to save Ravi and eliminate Priyanka. Kajal asks her to review her decision as it is her birthday and it will be better for Priyanka’s community. Shanmukh lost his cool on Kajal saying that it was wrong on his part to drag the transgender community into this discussion.

Upset with Shanmukh’s decision, Priyanka slaps herself and goes to the washroom. Manas tries to convince her. Later, Manas and Sunny err on the side of Priyanka, who hits back at them. Shanmukh felt bad about Priyanka mentioning the subject of the transgender community. Priyanka was emotionally broken after Sunny lost her temper when Manas tried to control her.

Later most of the family members voted for Shanmukh. Bigg Boss congratulates Shanmukh on becoming the last captain of the season. Siri follows Shanmukh’s order to wear nose studs. Bigg Boss repeatedly ordered Siri to wear the mic properly. The contestants then took part in the BB Express task.

Bigg Boss orders Siri to heat the milk and freeze Sunny. The contestants had fun as Bigg Boss ordered the contestants to freeze and release in a timely manner. Bigg Boss then ordered the housemates to freeze as Kajal’s husband and daughter entered Bibi’s house.

Kajal and her daughter had an emotional reunion. After some time the family members became unconscious and Kajal introduced them to her daughter. Vijay encourages Kajal to continue playing independently and then talks to the family members. After some time Vijay and his daughter leave the house giving a heartfelt farewell to Kajal and the family. Shanmukh was seriously waiting for a family member.


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