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Sanjeev Venkat enters Bigg Boss Tamil house as a wildcard contestant

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Ramya Krishnan hosted the episode with gusto on Sunday. He then spoke to Nirup and Priyanka Deshpande about their unique friendship. Priyanka and Nirup said that they are friends, but when it comes to working, they will fight it. Thamrai Selvi said that she cannot understand Priyanka and Nirup’s friendship. He said, “I have seen friends sacrificing only for others. But, here they fight with each other like crazy. I have never seen such a friendship.

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Last week Thamrai was one of the contenders for the captaincy task. However, Priyanka said that Thamrai has a lot of personal things going on and felt that he needed to sort out those issues before becoming the captain. Thamrai did not agree with Priyanka and they fought amongst themselves.

Ramya Krishnan asks Priyanka and Thamroy to clarify their stand. Thamroy told some interesting things to which Priyanka had no answer. The latter said that Thamrai had personal enmity with some of the contestants and wanted to settle issues with them before becoming captain. Ramya concluded by saying, “Thamroy was the first captain of the house. Everyone can be the captain in this house. But, he should get a fair chance.”

Sanjeev Venkat entered the Bigg Boss house as one of the wildcard contestants. Ramya Krishnan gave him a special task and asked him to grade the contestants based on their opinion. He gave an F grade to Abhishek Raja, Nirup and Akshara Reddy. Sanjeev felt that Thamrai, Pavani, Amir, and Iykki Beri were C grade contestants. Sanjeev felt that Abhinay, Priyanka, Sibi, and Varun were B grade contestants. According to Sanjeev, Imman Annachi and Raju Jayamohan were A grade contestants.

Ramya Krishnan congratulates Sanjeev for his excellent analysis. Sanjeev said, “Now, I am scared. We can easily form an opinion when we are watching the game from the outside. But, when we are involved in the game, it is completely different.”

Ramya Krishnan then rescues Pavani, Imman Annachi, and Thamarai. This put Nirup and Ikki in danger. Most of the contestants thought that Nirup would be saved while Ikki would be evicted. Imman Annachi felt that Nirup would be evicted because he was so silent this week.

Ramya Krishnan then revealed that Ikki Berry has been eliminated. She added, “Ikki, you got inspired by watching you rap in Tamil. But, inside the house, I couldn’t see you rap much. I thought the audience would be able to connect with you if he showed that side.” Iykki said that people used to make a lot of noise in the house. She further added that she was having fun herself at home.


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