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New game, new challenges, new rules in Bigg Boss Telugu 7

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Bigg Boss Telugu 7

This time many precautions are being taken due to Bigg Boss Season 6 not getting the expected results. In this background, recently host Nagarjuna has revealed a secret of Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 is about to start in a few days and everyone’s eyes are on this show. Many things related to this are going viral. It looks like this time Bigg Boss is going to be more entertaining. It is said that the rules have already been prepared in this regard.

So far six seasons have been completed successfully. Singer Revanth became the winner in the sixth season. Now there will be a star in the seventh season as well, this thing has increased everyone’s curiosity. After not getting the expected results of Bigg Boss season 6, how is Bigg Boss going to be this time? Will people appreciate it? It is a hot topic now.

Bigg Boss is going to be even more special this time and the title promo has already been released. He then dropped another video confirming that the host is Nagarjuna. This video is currently going viral on social media.

Nagarjuna who appeared in a new look in this video. What does this line mean? What he said became a topic of discussion among the people. In such a situation, recently Nag has revealed the real secret by telling its meaning.

When an event named Bigg Boss Shining Stars was going on. So Nagarjuna took part in it and told the secret of Bigg Boss 7 teaser. Nag opened up when asked by anchor Suma whether right or left was a mistake. They say new game, new challenges, new rules.

Looking at Nagarjuna’s words, it can be said that this time many changes have been made in the show. There are chances that Bigg Boss 7 will be a bit different than the previous seasons.

The list of contestants participating in the show is already doing the rounds on social media. These include the names of Bullitera couple Amardeep and Tejaswini, Kartika Deepam serial fame Shobha Shetty, famous singer of Bullettu Bandi song Mohana Bhogaraju, YouTuber Shweta Naidu, Anchor Deepika Pilli, Durga Rao Couple, singer Saket.

Bigg Boss OTT which was aired on the platform of Hot Star as non-stop entertainment turned out to be a complete flop without any viewership. Thus it has been discontinued. And the overall poor progress of the sixth season has become the show’s undoing. That is why there is news that season 7 is being planned and designed in a new way.


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