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Neha Chaudhary got eliminated from Big Boss Telugu 6

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The ups and downs of Bigg Boss season 6 are continuing. The third week is over. Neha Chaudhary got eliminated in the third week, as everyone expected. In Sunday’s episode, Bigg Boss gave all the strange tasks. Earlier, the members of the household were given a task called ‘Shuttibha’. In this, the contestants have to give a tag to each and if the audience there agrees to it, then it does not matter. Otherwise you will have to fight. Some words are given in it like noti dula, heartless, bitter, useless. The contestants, audience and Nagarjuna also concluded that Geetu is a badass.

In this task some animals were given names and asked to tag them. He also told why he is giving the tags of animals like snake, donkey, chameleon, elephant, lion etc. The contestants were each given that tag and were told why they were given it. After that all the contestants were given a task together. The members are divided into two groups. Since Baladitya performed well in this task, he was nominated as the best contestant.

After the game and the task, Bigg Boss started the process of elimination. Nagarjuna reveals that Vasanti and Neha Choudhary got less votes and Neha is eliminated. With this, Neha Chaudhary got out of Bigg Boss in the third week. Neha came on stage before leaving. Nagarjuna gave the task of telling who is the courage and who is the dust in the house. He said that Neha Revanth, Aarohi, Inaaya, Arjun, Geetu and Vasanti are dirty people, there is no truth in their game, they want to win at any cost, they will do anything for it, their playing style is not right. Neha Chowdhary said that Chanti, Raj, Sudeepa, Adi, Baladitya, Srihan and Srisatya are brave and they all play the game carefully.

Neha gets emotional saying that she has developed a good relationship with Raj at home, has found a good friend and will be a body guard for Raj even when he comes out. The third week episode ended with the elimination of Neha.


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