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Kamal Haasan praises Varun’s work

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In the latest episode of ‘Bigg Boss Tamil 5‘, Kamal Haasan praised Varun and said that the work given by him was entertaining and engaging. Similarly, the host also appreciated Priyanka’s captaincy. On Saturday, Kamal Haasan started the episode with a lot of enthusiasm. He said that the show is close to 50 days and asked the audience for their opinion. One of the audience said that Raju Jayamohan, Priyanka Deshpande and Varun were the toughest contestants who could go through to the finals. Then, highlights from Friday’s episode aired.

Abhishek Raja, who was out of the show, re-entered on Friday. Akshara, Iyakki, and the rest of the contestants come up with a plan to welcome them. On Saturday, Varun asked the contestants to gather for the morning session. He taught breathing techniques to fellow contestants. While Abhishek was following the instructions, the contestants threw water, eggs and old food items on him to welcome him.

After this, Bigg Boss gave a task to the contestants. They are asked to give two statements and the rest have to identify which is true and which is false. During the task, Thamrai said that he does not like Pavani. The latter took it personally and a heated argument ensued. Then, Pavani handed over the coin to Abhishek and asked him to use it. Abhishek talked to Priyanka about the coin. He advised him to give the coin back to Pavani and asked him to concentrate on his game.

Since Varun had the coin, he was asked to rule the toilet area this week. Kamal Haasan appreciated him and said that the works given by him were entertaining and engaging. Similarly, the host praised Priyanka’s captaincy. He asked her to give her best even during the functions. Priyanka asked where is the shortage.

Kamal told that Priyanka’s performance in Ulladhai Ulla Padi Katum Kannada Task was not good. For the task, the contestants were divided into groups of two and asked to mirror each other. Initially, Priyanka and Thamrai were kept in a group. Kamal Haasan asked Priyanka and Thamrai to do the task in front of him. He nevertheless said that Priyanka was celebrating Thamrai instead of reflecting on his actions.

There was a tussle between Abhinay and Nirup during the task last week. Kamal Haasan asked why Acting got so emotional and cried during the task. Abhinay said, “Nirup was my first friend and my bed mate. I was hurt in two places when he said that I was fake and I was doing an act by taking care of people. He is like my younger brother. So I was hurt.”

Kamal Haasan felt that Nirup did it because of the task and asked not to get too emotional about acting, which comes in the middle of his game. He then asked Sibi to show more interest in the game. Kamal Haasan then saved Pavani Reddy and Abhinay Vaddi from elimination.


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