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Fighting fights and counter-allegations continue in Bigg Boss Tamil 5

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In Bigg Boss Tamil 5, the sequence of fights and counter-allegations is going on. In the show latest episode, Raju Jayamohan reads out the announcement of luxury budget work titled Ulladhai Ullapadi Kattam Kannada. The members of the house were divided into two teams – Team A and Team B, with 6 members in each team. Contestants who had previously had a dispute with each other were asked to act as pairs. For example, Akshara Reddy was paired with Sibi, Imman Annachi was paired with Isaivani, and Raju was paired with Pavani Reddy.

According to this task, where one team will execute the task, the other team members should imitate them like a mirror. Similarly, they had to reshuffle their roles in turn. Once Bigg Boss announces their names in pairs, the teams have to perform. Those who are unable to continue working can leave the job. But the badge given to him had to be handed over to him. The team with the most badges at the end of the task will be declared the winner.

The family members had a lot of fun during the task. Priyanka dressed up as her pair Thamrai Selvi and executed the task. As Akshara Reddy had some past issues with Sibi, she had objections about playing the task. Later Abhinay and Varun convinced her to take part in the task.

During the task, Abhinay got his hair cut for fun. Acting rival Nirup took it personally for being forced to cut his hair. He also got his hair cut to not give up on the task. Abhinay and Nirup were asked to stand in front of the mirror. Nirup was given a chance to share his views about his opponent. Nirup took advantage of this and shared all his views about acting and accused him of being a fake person. The acting could not bear those charges and broke down.

After the task was completed, Abhinay desperately tried to ask for an explanation. But, Nirup was furious about getting the hair trimmed. He also used abusive language which led to another round of fighting. During his turn, Sibi also spoke openly about differences with Akshara. Similarly, Isaiwani also expressed all his views regarding Imman and his differences with him.


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