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Double Eviction for the first time in Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 show


Out of this week’s 6 nominees in Tamil Bigg Boss 5, only Priyanka was able to survive yesterday. Everyone was eagerly waiting to see who among the other five would go. Kamal first announces Akshara’s departure, thus Tamara and other contestants including Raju burst into tears.

Varun and Sibi sadly agree to send Akshara on her way. Kamal cried as he thought what would she do if you left. When everyone was about to send Akshara to the door whether to be evicted or not, then Kamal’s silence came again and everyone came running and sat on the sofa.

The contestants expected Kamal to say no to the eviction. Then Kamal points to another card saying that I am in the dilemma of discarding the other card as there are too many. Kamal says that Varun’s expulsion will save CBI and Varun shows the eviction card.

Hearing this, everyone else in the house was shocked. Varun wept as the unexpected lotus came out of his mouth. This is the first time that Bigg Boss has left the house together as a couple and this is the first time that double eviction has happened.

Also, as Kamal used to say in the last season, Akshara and Varun being out of the house is an example of how you go together if you play together. Who’s next there are still only 20 days left for the final. There has been a lot of curiosity among the fans about who is going to go next.


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