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Dethadi Harika Abusing Bigg Boss over Flower Task

Harika Bigg Boss Telugu 4

Harika is considered one of the strongest contestant of Bigg Boss 4 Telugu. She has over decent following on social media.

Her fans expect her to be in the top 5 finalists of the show. In the recent promo of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4, Harika is seen crying and abusing Bigg Boss over the flower tough being too tough.

In the flower task, Sohel and Akhil are seen taking over Harika in the collection of the flowers. Which makes Harika frustrated and she is later seen crying and abusing Bigg Boss. Here’s a short promo of the scene:

Harika is on the bottom segment in the current voting poll of WEEK 13 of Bigg Boss Telugu 4. If she gets eliminated this week it will be a big shock to her fans.

Who do you think will get eliminated this week? Tell us in the comments!

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