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Debate in Bigg Boss house over the relationship between Pavani Reddy and ‘Abhinay’

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The weekend episode of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 was dominated by arguments about the relationship between contestant Pavani Reddy and ‘Abhinay’ in the house. As for Avinash, Pavani’s love for ‘Abhinaya’ was interpreted by the family members as a blossoming romance, even as the two have denied that they were anything but friends. But the nature of their relationship always piqued the curiosity of other contestants and recently became the subject of serious gossip in the house.

All the ruckus came from various concerns in the house on the show last week when the other contestants, especially Priyanka and Raju got into a frank argument about Pavani and ‘acting’. Pavani loses her cool and asks the other men in the house to tell them in no uncertain terms that it is not her job to argue over her relationships in the house. The conflict seemed quite obvious and it was easy for others including Kamal Haasan to take a stand on the matter.

The issue here was that Raju, Imman Annachi, and a few others allegedly indulged in Pavani’s personal life by pouting her nose. Kamal rebukes all those who were trying to peep into Pavani’s personal affairs on the basis of his experiences of such gossip. “Don’t try to look into anyone’s bedroom,” said Kamal.

Up to this point, the issue was easy to understand for everyone. There was no room for ambiguity and nuance. It was easy to judge and take a stand. The reason was seen winning in Saturday’s episode. And by the end of Sunday’s episode, there was applause against Pavani and ‘Abhinay’, putting the two in a much tougher position than before.

In Sunday’s episode, Kamal gives Raju a chance to add something to the debate. Raju said, ‘I will seriously consider what you said. And I will try to change.” Kamal appreciated this and asked if she had anything else to add. He added, “Pavani told me earlier today that she too was confused whether there was any for her in acting. There is a feeling like everyone in the house has doubts.”

The lotus trembled as if a bomb had exploded under her feet. It didn’t take him a few seconds to think about what new information seemed to him. He went to Pavani and asked her to explain herself. And one was Kurumpadam, which is Tamil for a short film, where we were shown a discussion about Pavani’s conversation with Raju, which turned the debate ahead.

In short, Pavani told ‘Abhinaya’ that her extra caring attitude towards him is forcing everyone to talk about her. So he told her not to be so kind to him. It is later revealed that it was Aamir’s lawyer who had inspired Pavani to trust Raju.

What Kamal missed out on during Sunday’s episode is the power of gossip and how it ruins people’s peace of mind and even relationships. Soon after ‘Kurumpadam’, Thamarai Selvi asked Pavani with a lot of authority, “You could have avoided that, right? No one would have talked about it.” And Kamal was quick to see the problem in his question and asked him to keep quiet.

Thamarai represents the conservative thinking that dominates our day-to-day discussions. At the end of the day, it is easier to hold a woman accountable in such a case, as opposed to considering other factors that contribute to her plight.

People like Thamarai fail to see their contribution to this issue. Maybe, Pavani would have been able to fully appreciate the ‘acting’ gesture, if she didn’t care about what people said? Maybe, if she hadn’t been made the top gossip topic in the house, she wouldn’t have felt the urge to explain herself to everyone, distancing herself from ‘acting’? Maybe she would have dealt with her situation with ‘acting’ in a different and kinder way if she had not been subjected to such scrutiny.

‘Acting’, on the other hand, seemed mature enough to share the responsibility of the situation. And he persisted, he had no ill intentions and genuinely cared about Pavani. It is also reasonable to expect that he should have cut back on his chivalry if Pavani told him it was bothering him.

Pavani also had the option to ignore all the gossip and maintain or break the relationship on her own terms. He also had the option not to explain his position as he had no explanation.


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