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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Offer To Tollywood Journalist Suresh Kondeti?

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Journalist Suresh Kondeti Bigg Boss Telugu

Bigg Boss was a super hit in Telugu as well as in other languages. Six seasons of Bigg Boss have been successfully completed so far. The seventh season is also preparing to appear in front of the audience soon. In fact, there was a buzz that Nandamuri Balakrishna and Rana would play the host for this seventh season, but it has finally become clear that Nagarjuna is playing the host. But now there is a discussion about those going inside the house.

The house of Bigg Boss is actually a spice. They send 14 to 18, 19 celebrities into the house and try to create a clash between them and the content keeps on coming. Already in six seasons, Bigg Boss has given a good workout in almost all the seasons. It seems that Bigg Boss is trying to send interesting people to the Bigg Boss house, who are saying that there is a slight difference in the seventh season.

As a part of the same, Tollywood journalist Suresh Kondeti is now being promoted in Tollywood circles as if he is about to enter Bigg Boss. Actually, Suresh Kondeti came to Hyderabad with the intention of becoming an actor in the film industry. Born and brought up somewhere in Palakolli, he came to Hyderabad and settled down as a journalist. With contacts as a journalist, he became a distributor and an exhibitor.

After the superhit of Nagarjuna Santosham, a film magazine was started in the name of the film. Recently he is trending on YouTube by asking embarrassing questions to the director producer and actors in the press meeting of the film.

Sometimes the questions asked by them are meaningful. Due to this, he came to be known as a controversial journalist. But it seems that Bigg Boss management expecting such controversies is now trying to bring them into Bigg Boss. When he was approached about the same he also gave the green signal and the word is spreading in Tollywood corridors.

But how much truth is there in this? Is he entering the Bigg Boss house? We will have to wait for a few more days to know whether or not! It is being said that the management of Bigg Boss will spend heavily this time, even in Tollywood corridors the campaign is going on and efforts will be made to get strong ratings with good output.


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