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Bigg Boss Telugu 6: Sudeepa evicted from the house

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Sunday’s episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 6 with host Nagarjuna was full of fun and games. Due to the weekend, a contestant also became homeless from the house. First, Nagarjuna announces that Sirhan and Adi Reddy are safe from the nominations.

For a fun task, the householders were divided into two teams, in which one contestant from each team had to participate every time. There was an interesting competition between them to guess the song based on the emoticons displayed on the screen.

As per the next task, the housemates had to dedicate some Telugu movie dialogues to a contestant of their choice and give reasons for them. Host Nagarjuna pulled Inaaya’s leg for his interest in Suriya.

There is an argument between Geetu and Baladitya. Ex asks him not to talk to him anymore and he says we will talk about it later.

Finally, Nagarjuna announces that Sudeepa has been evicted. Baladitya, Vasanti and Marina get emotional about his expulsion. She bid farewell to the contestants and joined host Nagarjuna on stage.

After being evicted, she said, “It felt good to be among different personalities, especially after the pandemic. My husband said I would be back in two weeks. But this six-week journey made me better.”

Sudeepa was given the task of choosing a vegetable, which had a speciality written on it, which was suitable for every housewife.


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