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Bigg Boss Telugu 6: Rajasekhar accused of commenting on color

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The latest episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 6 hosted by Nagarjuna began with Vasanthi and Marina trying to scare the housemates by dressing up as ghosts at midnight. Bigg Boss sends a cake and asks them to decide that the four members of the house will get to eat the cake. Since the contestants took too long to discuss the voting, Bigg Boss took back the cake.

Revanth and Inaaya share with each other that everyone in the house is not getting equal opportunity because of the voting system. Surya turns into Aprichithudu mode and entertains the family members. FAMA accused Rajasekhar of making fun of his skin colour.

Bigg Boss calls Inaaya to the confession room and asks her to share some interesting news if she wants to win the cake. She said that she is having a crush on Surya and felt empowered when she was close to Aarohi. He also revealed how Arjun Kalyan and Vasanthi are getting closer recently.

Bigg Boss also gave them chopsticks to enjoy lunch. Inaaya got emotional while talking to Bigg Boss about how the housemates are discriminating against her in every way and they didn’t even let her eat cake. Bigg Boss gave him a cake to eat in the confession room. As part of the Bigg Boss celebrations Revanth sang a song and Faima did some funny skits of the contestants.

As per the instructions of Bigg Boss, Srihan and Chanti were waxed. Since Srihaan kept screaming while getting the wax done, Bigg Boss ordered Inaaya to dub for him.


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