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Bigg Boss Telugu 6: Baladitya gets emotional on wife’s talk

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The latest episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 6 begins with Baladitya getting emotional as he shares his wife’s point of view. He asks Bigg Boss to let him smoke as the task is over. Revanth and Adi Reddy argue over food in the kitchen.

Bigg Boss announces that if Rohit or Vasanthi is nominated for the next two weeks, the battery will recharge again and the housemates will get a chance to meet their loved ones. Rohit chooses to enrol and recharge the battery.

Rohit gets emotional that even after he was nominated no one came and did not ask him to take the call first. Revanth chooses the 10 per cent option to take a picture of his wife and his eyes to tear. Faima picks up for the video call with Maa and talks to her happily.

Kirti picks up the call and picks up an audio call with her friend. But she kept crying that she couldn’t find any family photos. Suriya opts for a letter from her mother and gets emotional after reading it. Vasanti picks up the call and picks her niece’s pictures.

Bigg Boss announces the next captaincy task and contestants Revanth, Vasanthi, Adi Reddy, Suriya, Sri Sathya, Arjun and Rohit will compete with each other. In the promo, the housemates compete in the captaincy task and they share their views on what they should be doing. Why should he be selected as the captain?


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