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Bigg Boss Telugu 6: Adi Reddy and Arjun Kalyan in danger

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Bala Aditya, Faima, Marina, Chanti, Inaaya, Vasanti, Arjun and Adi were nominated this week in Bigg Boss Telugu 6. This time the enrollment process was different. Competitors were paired, and one person was to be nominated from each pair. Both had to argue among themselves and persuade each other to be nominated.

This is how Bala Aditya and Raj Shekhar; Faima and Surya; Marina and Rohit; Chanti and Kirti; Inaaya and Srihan; Vasanti and Sudeepa; Arjuna and Srisatya; Adi Reddy and Revanth were paired.

The poll results showed that Bala Aditya topped the list. The results are as follows.

  • Bala Aditya – 712 votes
  • FAMA – 617 votes
  • Marina – 577 votes
  • Chanty – 550 votes
  • Inaya – 520 votes
  • Vasanti – 519 votes
  • Arjun – 500 votes
  • Adi – 470 votes

Although Adi has been the captain once, and is a bit more active at home, Arjun has a slight edge over Adi in terms of votes. Looks like he will get a chance to prove himself and stay in the house the way he wanted to.

It will be interesting to see how Mr. Satya reacts if he becomes homeless this week. Compared to Arjun and Adi, Vasanti and Inaaya are relatively safe. However, it is quite possible that they may be evicted.


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