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Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Manas is becoming increasingly popular!

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Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 is getting interesting day by day. Amidst all the dramatic events, the audience is also busy searching for the next winner. Manas, a member of the house, is fast making a place in the hearts of people. The latest teaser shows Vishwas, Kajal, and a few others tagging Ravi as the worst performer. On the other hand, Ravi describes Jaswant alias Jesse as the worst performer. Notably, Ani mimics Siri, saying that she doesn’t like the latter attitude. It has to be seen who will be jailed in tonight’s episode.

Notably, Ani’s imitation of Siri has grabbed everyone’s attention in the teaser. A section of netizens has also been discussing the performances of Jesse, Kajal, Siri, and Ravi in ​​the captaincy task recently. In the recent episodes, Vishwas has become the new captain of the house for the second time in the season. Earlier he was the second captain of the season after Siri.

In the Captaincy task, the contenders had to collect and fill sand in their respective containers while overcoming the obstacles on the way. Jaswant was the director of this work. Vishwa filled his container with more sand than the rest of the contenders and won the task of becoming the new captain. Manas, Sunny, Ani, Vishwa, Ani, and Priya were the other contenders for the captaincy. Priyanka won another task to become the ration manager of the week.

Star Maa’s most-watched reality show, Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 remains in the news with its daily drama and fights in the house. Viewers know that Bigg Boss is for fights and controversies. Even the quietest contestants are seen losing their temper over others in some situations. Some contestants still won’t let their guard down, no matter what happens around them.

On the other hand, the current edition of Bigg Boss Telugu 5 has a contestant who is of the quiet introvert type. In case you are wondering who we are talking about, let me break the suspense. The contestant we are talking about is none other than Manas, who has been on his way to the Bigg Boss house ever since he stepped into the Bigg Boss house. Focusing entirely on the gameplay.

The other contestants in the house are busily suggesting to others how to play the game without focusing on themselves. When it comes to Manas, he is quietly winning the hearts of the audience just like the Bigg Boss Telugu 4 winner Abhijeet did in the last season. Bigg Boss viewers are comparing Manas to Abhijeet. They believe that if Manas continues the gameplay with a similar attitude and maintains healthy relationships with others, then there is a chance for him to become the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 5. have a chance.


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