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Bigg Boss Telugu 3: Day 57, Mahesh Gets Nominated for Eviction

Bigg Boss Telugu

In the later episode of Bigg Boss Telugu, we have seen a telephone booth in the garden area.

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Sreemukhi gets directly nominated for eviction for taking the first phone call. It was shocking and funny at the same time for the viewers/audience. But later on she needs to convince Baba Bhaskar to shave his beard in order to secure herself from the nomination. Baba shaves his beard off, thereby saving Sreemukhi from nomination. The audience praises Baba Bhashkar for this activity.

To save Punarnavi Bhupalam, Rahul needs to drink 20 glasses of bitter gourd juice.

To save Varun Sandesh, Sreemukhi needs a tattoo of Bigg Boss eye on her hand and she gets ready to do it.

Mahesh had to jump in the pool due to Bigg Bomb

To save Mahesh, Himaja needs to give up all her beautiful dresses and makeup kits, Himaja agrees to this but later when Bigg Boss asks Vithika to check whether she had thrown all her stuff. Himaja failed in jer as some stuff was found and thus Mahesh is in the nomination list.

Ravi dips all his shoes in the paint to save Baba Bhashkar.

Varun Sandesh had to sit in the tub of dung to save Himaja. Varun was finding difficult to sit in a tub because of foul odor. Himaja even asks Varun to get out of the tub bit Varun seems to save her from the nomination. Later on, Bigg Boss announces that Himaja is also safe from the Nomination.


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