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Bigg Boss Tamil 5: Thamarai Selvi becomes the first captain of the house

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Events in Bigg Boss Tamil 5 have started intensifying now. Thamrai Selvi has become the first captain of the house after an interesting task. In the latest episode of the show, Imman Annachi takes English lessons from Priyanka Deshpande, Nirup Nandakumar, and others. Pavani Reddy and Isaiwani discuss the rise of factionalism in the house. They discuss the matter in the presence of Ikki Berry. Pavani says there are many groups where the topic she discusses is being ignored or diverted to something else. He feels that he has been left alone. Isaiwani expressed his opinion and said that he too has felt it. Ikki also had similar feelings.

As it is time for the selection of the captain of the house, the housemates were given a task named Rajavukku Raja Nan Than. According to the task, the family members were asked to tie balloons. They should pick up the needle from the seat and burst the balloons of the other housewives. The last permanent housewife, who saves the balloon from bursting, becomes the captain. After losing the game, Varun and Abhinay Vaddi try to ensure that Nirup fails too. It turned into a heated discussion. In the end, Thamarai Selvi won the task and hence became the first captain of the house.

Bigg Boss asks all the housemates to gather together and says that it is time for the first nomination of the season. He said that everyone in the house is good for each other, it is better to stop pretending. As soon as Thamarai Selvi becomes captain, he cannot be nominated for elimination. Interestingly, barring Pavani Reddy and Captain Thamarai Selvi, all the other 15 contestants get nominated for elimination in the first week. The new captain reiterated the rules and regulations of the House. He divided the family members into different teams to do the household chores.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 premiered on 3 October. Actor Kamal Haasan is hosting the show and it has 18 contestants this year. Apart from the one-hour daily show, BB Tamil fans eagerly await the three promos that release every day. The promo has been shared on Twitter by Vijay Television, which airs the reality show. Today’s first promo shows Pavani Reddy telling the family members how she lost her husband and how it affected her. In the second promo, Namita and Thamrai have an argument at home. When Imman Annachi tries to fix the problem and requests to sit with him to solve it, Namita refuses to sit.

The third promo added some much-needed relief to the house. Imman Annachi was seen imitating some of the styles of the contestants to bring out the humor. There was a scene in which Imman even copied Priyanka’s style of addressing her wife. Priyanka dragged herself into the game by recreating Imman Annachi’s style.

The makers of the show have published four seasons so far, which have garnered a very good fan following. Everyone’s favorite Kamal Haasan hosted the first four seasons and is also hosting the fifth season. Fans can vote through online voting polls, missed call service, or the Hotstar app, which has been opened by the makers of the show. On television, you can watch the show at 10 pm. You can also stream the show on the Hotstar app 24×7.


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