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Bigg Boss Contetant Asim Riaz is unhappy with his fans, Here is the reason

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Bigg Boss has achieved a lot of success in this season. All the contestants of Bigg Boss had grabbed the headlines due to various reasons. Bigg Boss 13 has ended on 15th February 2020 but Bigg Boss and their contestants are still trending on social media.

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Asim Riaz runner up of Bigg Boss 13 has been trending on social media due to his personal relationship. Asim and Himanshi met each other through Bigg Boss house and Asim had proposed Himanshi on television. Asim fans were not happy because according to them Himanshi is just doing publicity stunt to clear her image. Fans are upset with Asim as they strongly oppose this relation.

After seeing all this situation Asim finally speaks up. Asim tweeted,¬†“I respect every one of you so I expect tht u guys respect me also. My journey in d house was more challenging than one n a half hour shown on TV. I connected with #Himanshi coz she was goin thru d same negativity as me & we decided to go against d narrative together evn if it was against d popular opinion. Thts y d mutual respect n admiration for each other.”

He further adds,“I”m sorry if nybdy has got hurt by mine or her words due 2 sm reasons. Will always b thankful 2 my fans for d respect n honor & plz judge me as much as u want for who I am bt bt nt by who i am with!! just b d much awesomeness u guys r..respect¬† n love u all!

This tweet made all his fans emotional and people had trended #Asimanshi on Twitter to show their support to his decision.

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