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Bigg Boss Telugu Week 4 Nominated Contestants


So Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 has reached WEEK 4. In week 3 we saw 7 contestants getting nominated for elimination.

Out of which Devi Nagavalli was the one who got eliminated.

This week again 7 contestants are nominated for elimination. The contestants are:

  • harika
  • abhijeet
  • syed sohail
  • swathi deekshit
  • mehboob
  • lasya

these 7 contestants are nominated for week 4. You can go ahead and vote for your favourite contestants.

To check public opinion, you can click here: PUBLIC POLL BIGG BOSS TELUGU 4


30 thoughts on “Bigg Boss Telugu Week 4 Nominated Contestants”

  1. Kumar sai is not fit person for.big boss team .he thinks that he is a special category and he will not mingle with the other personals.
    So it isbeteer to eliminate such persons from big.boss

  2. Ekkada unna vallu andaru acting he chystunaru yavadu koncham kuda real ga undadam ledu ..ekkada aamiya ietey lashya tappa migata vallu andaru love tract chupinchi Mark’s kotiyali anukuntunaru

  3. Instead of playing game directly gangavva can be declared as bigboss4 winner. For everything she is praised and given first position for doing nothing. What for I don’t know. Bigboss4 is a real game or preplanned game. Bigboss If u want to help her financially u can do it. But not this way. We are getting irritated to see bigboss4. This way gangavva will be the winner in all aspects.

  4. Syed sohail save, He is a Real Hero. so all my 100 votes to him…fit for Big boss season 4 Plz ,save him… Good player????????????????

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