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Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Week 3 Nominations


Hi everyone, welcome back to bigg boss 4 telugu vote.

Today we are going to see who are the nominated contestants of Week 3 of Bigg Boss 4 Telugu.

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu – Week 3 Nominated Contestants

So the nominated contestants for this week are:

  1. Devi Nagavalli
  2. Lasya
  3. Monal
  4. Harika
  5. Mehboob
  6. Ariyana
  7. Kumar Sai

You can vote here – Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Voting

The above poll is public opinion poll. To add your vote in official voting – you can find the process on the same page mentioned above.

Last week we saw Kumar Sai enter as a wild card contestant in the Bigg Boss Telugu 4 house.

First week Surya Kiran was eliminated from the house.

In week 2, we saw 9 contestants getting nominated for week 2 elimination. In second week, Karate Kalyani was eliminated from the house.

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58 thoughts on “Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Week 3 Nominations”

    1. Intentionally she won’t hurt anyone.. she jus have language problem.. I think she deserves to stay more weeks in bigboss house..

    2. Save monal, she cried because she thinks because of her suryakiran was eliminated and then she tried to explain to divi she did over action there also divi will not listen if someone is something like she did to the lasya also and with Akhil also.

  1. Save Monal , if language is the issue then Bigg boss could not invite Monal for show. She is genuinely playing with moral values, only wrong she is doing is trusting Abhijeet, he is not fit for her, he is not genuine, opportunity

  2. తెలుగులో మాత్రం మాట్లాడాలి biggboss అన్ని సార్లు చెప్పినా మళ్లీ ఇంగ్లీష్ లో మాట్లాడటం ఎంటో నాకు అర్దం కావడం లేదు.. ఇది మన తెలుగు షో…

  3. Please guys vote for ariana glory
    She is a really good player
    People have nominated her for silly reasons
    They are all trying to corner her please save her

  4. Guys please 1) eliminate mehboob
    Next week 2) shoel eliminate
    3) monal eliminate
    Waste people s
    Over acting person
    Chala nichaga matladuthu unaru
    Ladies ki respect lekuda matladuthu unadu mehboob and shoel
    Guys 1st eliminate
    Fan ani votes veyakadi guys
    Game chusi votes veydi

  5. To
    Bigg boss 4 team,

    Plz make participants to speak in telugu…. especially monal…plz give warning them who are speaking in English…otherwise show would be down to watch

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