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“Arhaan Khan is now a close chapter”, says Bigg Boss Contestant Rashmi Desai

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TV actress and TV actor Rashmi Desai and Arhaan Khan, the ex-Bigg boss contestant had been in a relationship before entering Bigg boss house. We have seen Arhaan Khan protective for Rashmi when they were in a house. Rashmi Desai recently spoke with the media and this what she said about her relationship with Arhaan.

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Rashmi said, ” Arhaan had used me emotionally for his career growth and now he is a closed chapter for me”

This situation arise when Arhaan Khan was badly exposed by Bigg Boss Host Salman by telling the facts about Arhaan to Rashmi: yhe facts she is unaware of. After this Rashmi says she will handle this situation outside as she wants to concentrate in the game now and not on her relationship status.

Rashmi also talked about Arhaan’s claim that he helped her during her tough time. About this situation, Rashmi said, “Once he said that unhone mujhe sadak par se uthaya. That’s funny. Yes there was a time when I didn’t have a house and was going from financial troubles but I was never at his mercy”

The actresses also revealed that she did Bigg Boss 13 for Arhaan Khan so that he could get recognition in the industry

“Yes, that was one of the reasons I thought main agar yeh show karti hun toh usko ek opportunity mil jayegi but I had no idea the situation would backfire”

The situation of Rashmi and Arhaan didn’t seem to be going well and after all such a statement it proves that they are not in a relationship anymore.

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