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Anchor Varshini’s participation in Bigg Boss Telugu season 7 almost fixed

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Anchor Varshini Bigg Boss

The preparations for Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 are in full swing. While the list of some contestants is already in circulation, anchor Varshini’s participation in the show is believed to be final.

Anchor Varshini is ready to rock the Bigg Boss house. They have been doing this since the time Bigg Boss started its run. There are rumours that he is getting it. But anchor Varshini said that she is going to Bigg Boss house without saying anything.

Recently in an interview, when the anchor asked her about her education, she said, ‘I will not tell this here. I am going ahead in a big show, I will tell you about that show.

Along with this, the anchor in front said, ‘Ho S, we know which show you are going to. Would you like to disclose? On this, Varsha bit her tongue and laughed. Big Boss is the biggest show in Telugu. Moreover, since the show that is going to start soon is also the same, Varsha has started campaigning to become the first contestant to make it to Bigg Boss.

When praising Varsha, it was said, ‘You look like Junior Samantha’. So Varsha blushed and said that she wanted to make a love track with Naga Chaitanya. Apart from going to Bigg Boss house, Varsha also told many things.

On the other hand, recently some people are engaged in paid promotion. They promote themselves as if they are going to Bigg Boss. But he is trying to get himself noticed by Bigg Boss. But till Bigg Boss enters the house, there is suspense as to who will be sent.


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