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Akhil Tore Abhijeet’s Parent’s letter! Was he correct?


With each passing day, Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 have been getting more & more interesting. Akhil was sent to the secret room where he could examine other contestants and plan his way to the victory.

Akhil had the message from the remaining contestants’ parents which he had to give to the contestants in the house.

But he then tore the letters of Abhijeet and gave Abhijeet torn letters. This made Abhijeet very upset. Seeing this, Abhijeet’s fans were very angry at Akhil and they started trolling Akhil on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Abhijeet is probably the strongest contestant in the Bigg Boss 4 Telugu house. Do you think what Akhil did with Abhijeet was correct? Tell us here:

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