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Akhil Tore Abhijeet’s Parent’s letter! Was he correct?


With each passing day, Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 have been getting more & more interesting. Akhil was sent to the secret room where he could examine other contestants and plan his way to the victory.

Akhil had the message from the remaining contestants’ parents which he had to give to the contestants in the house.

But he then tore the letters of Abhijeet and gave Abhijeet torn letters. This made Abhijeet very upset. Seeing this, Abhijeet’s fans were very angry at Akhil and they started trolling Akhil on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Abhijeet is probably the strongest contestant in the Bigg Boss 4 Telugu house. Do you think what Akhil did with Abhijeet was correct? Tell us here:


27 thoughts on “Akhil Tore Abhijeet’s Parent’s letter! Was he correct?”

  1. Akhil is over hyped candidate of all contestants.
    Monal is most unfit candidate at this level of all big boss shows of all seasons.
    Nagarajana can pls stop anchoring for big boss.

  2. Akhil is a guy without any focus. He is jealous of Abhi. His over acting has to be controlled by bigboss. If it is continued, people stop watching the show

  3. Akil
    He is most jealous of Abhi
    He does not have focus on the game and don’t deserve any place is BB hose
    The most immature in nature

  4. Akhil is not fit for big boss and Sohail is acting too much
    Dear voters please don’t vote for Sohail and Akhil kindly don’t put them in top five kindly eliminate both of them this week and also Monal don’t keep her in big boss

  5. akhil is awrite person. abijithe nv eraru antene kada after say that akhil evadu andi so limit crossing abhi so that s way akhil is awrite kk bigg boss.asalu abhi emi aduthunnadu emi danse veyadu only for simply setting and more advices to others .
    thanking you bigg boss

  6. Akhil is all rubbish and immature,don’t know how he moved so far with such a bad attitude and ego. He is not loyal to his friends and he is playing safe by eliminating his friends.

  7. Frankly speaking I feel Akhil feels that Abhijeet is the winner that’s why he will always manipulate others against him or target him for some or the other issue akhil who is so fake full of attitude n be overconfident .plays a dirty trick of affair with monal for sympathy n votes throw him out of the house.

  8. Hlo akhil sent Abhijeet’s letter
    He tore avinash and ariyana’s letter
    Just see the episode and make an voting pole on this bleady hell topic wasting BB4 lovers ❤️ time ????????????????????????????????

  9. Konapala Srilakshmi

    Respected Brothers and Sisters of my Great INDIA and Andhra and Telangana state people kindly Vote for’AkhilSarthak’. He seem to be just like my Son. He is very good person and genuine. He is nice and playing genuinely, with soft nature , no cunningness, Good & Staight forward. I request you all kindly Vote for AKHIL SARTHAK the BIGG BOSS Contestent.

  10. This is wrong story.Akhil gave the letter to Abhijeet .don’t keep wrong info . Akhil , Aryan , Sohel mehboob are hard workers n strong player .abhijeet is smart mind player.

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