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Abhijeet about to get eliminated from the house?


Abhijeet has turned out to be the strongest contender in the Bigg Boss 4 Telugu house. He has been facing all the ups and downs calmly and independently in the Bigg Boss Telugu 4 house.

Abhijeet shares a good relation with Harika and Lasya in the house. The Bigg Boss journey of Abhijeet has been going great till now but suddenly reports of Abhijeet getting eliminated in the next elimination have started spreading.

We still don’t have a firm report regarding this. It is still a rumour. But it is going to be interesting to see what happens in the next elimination round of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4.

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The show has come to its final few weeks and is becoming more & more interesting with every episode progressing.

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55 thoughts on “Abhijeet about to get eliminated from the house?”

      1. Only abhijeeth and abhijeeth fans will not see big boss if abhijeeth is eliminated but rest of the world will see very peacefully after abhijeeth elimination

  1. If abhijit eliminated then every one called this is a fake show. Because he was on top. Mehboob is there weak contestants according to voting

    1. Yes mehboob is also week contest. But title winner ki abijith correct kadu. I think ariyana is strongest contest. I.e, more than abijith

  2. All fools are voting for Abhijit many of the viewers don’t know exactly what is the concept of BB. Imagine if all contestants every day sit in a chair drinking coffee and chichating like what Abhijith does everyday, than what footage of 60 mins will BB show to us daily.

  3. IF For some reason ABHIJEET gets elimnat6ed….. FANS will be up in arms…..BIG BOSS-4 will get its TRP ratings further down…down…

    The only saving grace for BB-4 is ABHIJEET…..He is miles,miles,miles ahead verses rest of the other contestantsIt’s even ridiculous to think ABHIJEET getting eliminated..

    Also NAGARJUN is losing his sheen…..Not been anchoring the progr. with the CHARM he had earlier…. Has AGE CAUGHT up with NAGARJUN….

  4. Nikhil Teja Mundrathi

    Bigg Boss shows is not only to perform tasks, it also shows our character changing infront of Camera. Except Abhijeet every contestant is coming to camera and overacting for small things.

  5. Abhijeeth best played… Thananu last varaku undanivandi plzz Abhijeeth undalani memu chala kastapadtunnam…… Bigg boss 4 winner Abhijeet plz I requesting plzzz. Thank you….

  6. Sir thanks for keeping such a thing for sharing please take note of my points see how abhijeeth is a great contender because he neither plays a game nor entertains us and I think he is the most unfit person for big boss and one last thing if abhijeeth is eliminated this week then the game will be lawful so please eliminate abhijeeth please eliminate abhijeeth

  7. Please eliminate abhijeet if not we will think that big boss is a scripted one he is unfit for the house eliminate him this week

  8. Eliminate abhijeet from house he is the most unfit for the house if abhijeet is not eliminated then I will think that big boss is scripted

    1. Abhijeet Ni save cheyataniki monal Ni nominate chesina bigboss, abhijeet inti nunchi velle place lo monal Ni target chesina bigboss Ani troll cheyatam ledu emiti Google nd audience. Nenu win avataniki raledu jz experience kosam vachanu Ani chepe abhijeet vundala, win avataniki adutuna Ani chepe akhil vundala. 0 percent eche abhijeet vundala. Harika tana captain power tho swap chesina abhijeet vundala, single ga game Adina monal vundala.

  9. Jyothibala karumuri

    Abhijeet is best player,,whatever he says is right. His thought process is very very appreciative. Abhijeet should be there in Bigg boss 4. Playing task is not only the thing in the house ..who is real person is utmost important.

  10. Abhijeet nd harika should be eliminated because of their selfishnes. How they both can throw someone other in danger zone, save themselves. It’s really unfair task where abhijeet didn’t give his 10percent in anything nd he is not even ready to convince monal with his words nd he jz gave up. But with power of captain he was saved. Do you think this is fair. Why audience or Google is not trolling harika or abhijeet for this. If other’s contestant’s where in that place they would have trolled or if abhijeet is in nominations, then their would be a gossip saying bigbiss wantedly eliminating abhijeet to save other contestant when akhil was in secret room they trolled in this way. But now no one is trolling it is what unfair game.

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