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A new twist in the friendship of Siri and Shanmukh A new trouble for the Telugu audience

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Bigg Boss Telugu 5 is taking new twists and turns every day. The new twist in the friendship of Siri and Shanmukh has brought new trouble for the Telugu audience. The emergence of the latest love track between the so-called friends has turned into a troubled show for the viewers. Siri and Shanmukh, who are wearing the masks of friends, slowly start a love track. With their frequent hugs and kisses, the show has become a crisis show for family audiences in the Telugu states. Siri and Shanmukh get into a silly fight, after which Siri locks herself in the bathroom and starts killing herself.

The couple, who named their relationship ‘Dosti’, is slowly trying to convert it into a love affair. While Siri and Shannu were seen together all the time, they are usually seen hugging, pampering, or kissing each other. But, in the previous episode, Shanmukh told Mr. Ramachandra that he is emotionally attached to Siri, while he is still committed to other relationships outside the reality show. These discussions and the sudden ups and downs of their relationship are not going well with the audience.

Many love tracks and public performances of love are irrelevant in the context of the Telugu audience. Also, as both Siri and Shanmukh have separate lives with their respective lovers outside the house, these works are not well accepted by the audience.

Some viewers also want Siri to be kicked out of the show as she has harmed herself, which has become a mental hassle for the other contestants as well. Well, the makers need to take a call, as harming yourself in such reality shows is objectionable and can land the contestant in big trouble.


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